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Re: Rosh Tov Ari mekkin he eye pass we
In Response To: The Dream ()

Bless up General Niyabinghi
Haven't had time to join in the threads the I started much. Suffice it to say that while I sight where the I coming from, I lean more towards selassielive's and Oshun Auset's views. Reason more pon dat later.
I just wanted to alert the I that this "Rosh Tov Ari" person is a nasty piece of work, this "Rosh Tov Ari" busy bigging up the Israeli Defense Force on the thread "Jewish Diaspora is historically wrong". Now like I said pon that thread I am not "anti semetic" towards people because they are "jews" whether black or white, and I do in fact know some white "jews" who are righteous. But I hate downpression and downpressors and I want to shoot IDF soldiers in the face a thousand times for each little Palestinian child those heartless bastards have murdered. The ones with a conscience have already come out and made their confession to Ha'aretz newspaper, or joined one of the Israeli anti-zionist groups like the refuseniks (who refuse to go for their compulsory military duty) or Anarchists against the wall (who work together with Palestinian villagers against the occupation). They can be absolved. Anyone left in the IDF now is a pure demon as far as I'm concerned and so is anyone who defends them.
A next thing, have people not noticed that this "Rosh Tov Ari"'s username is making fun of "Rastafari"?? As we say in Guyana, de bai tekkin he eyes and pass we (showing us disrespect).
Burn de bai "Rosh Tov Ari".

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Re: Rosh Tov Ari mekkin he eye pass we
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Jah Bless the Lioness *NM*
Question sistren

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