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Re: Ithiopia
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Greetings to the I

InI look to Ithiopia because InI do not stray from his majesty. However InI know of H.I.M. work with the OAU, and his efforts to unite Ifrica. The love of Ifrican people is one in Rastafari. Pan Ifricanism is the root of Rastafari. Therefore there is no conflict with Ifrica and the Nyabinghi order. Infact Nyabinghi is named after the west African warrior queen who rose up against the British oppresors. Nyabinghi means death to the white oppressor. Rastafari mission is to free all black Idren around the world. However InI can not ignore that H.I.M. had a Hebrew annointing at his coronation. H.I.M. has many pictures of his hands locked in the sheild of David, known to others as the star of David. Emperor Haile Selassie I Is from the line of Solomon from the womb of Queen Mekada, who birthed King Menelik. Fiya burn Babylon.

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Jah Bless the Lioness *NM*
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