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Re: What Obama should have said to Iran

What Obama should have said to Iran
Posted: Friday, March 20, 2009

By Ayinde
March 20, 2009
Updated: March 22, 2009

Obama's address to Iran should have gone something like this:

To the people and leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran,

Best wishes to you during and after your celebration of Nowruz. I hope the new year brings better relations between our two nations. In honor of this occasion I will be offering tangible evidence of our efforts to foster better relations.

Our nation has done yours countless wrongs over the decades and for this I am sorry.

what countless wrongs are you referencing?
I want to let you know that you have very good reasons to be distrustful of my overtures but I hope after your leaders and I meet face to face we can work out appropriate reparations which the US will like some time to pay due to our current
economic crisis.

What does the US owe reparations to Iran for?

During my administration the US aims to get rid of our Weapons of Mass Destruction and wish you do the same. We invite you to inspect our facilities as we destroy them but we will understand if you are hesitant to reciprocate. We hope you would do likewise after you are convinced of our sincerity.
True- the US should get rid of WMD's. How does Iran measure the US's sincerity? What standards are used to determine Iran's sincerity?
As a gesture of goodwill, all sanctions that have been imposed and upheld by the US government are to be lifted immediately.
A good idea

We are ready to be a transparent administration and pledge to cease all covert and overt undermining of your government.
true sound.
In addition, the US will no longer assist Israel while Israel continues to illegally occupy Palestinian land and kill innocent Palestinians. We will recognise Hamas and other similar bodies as resistance movements and the US will immediately remove them from our terrorist list.
While this is a good idea, I think that such a statement would be more appropriate to make this statement to Hamas instead of Iran.
This address to you, where I am promising to redress many wrongs, is the first of many amends the US would like to make to other nations that have been harmed by our transgressions; this is my work during the course of my administration.
Is Iran guilty of any wrongs?
Choosing Nowruz to send this message is symbolic of our willingness to recognize and respect not only the sovereignty of Iran but also your cultural and religious heritage.
true sound

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Re: What Obama should have said to Iran

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