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What Obama should have said to Iran *LINK*

What Obama should have said to Iran

Obama's address to Iran should have gone something like this:

To the people and leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran,

Best wishes to you during and after your celebration of Nowruz. I hope the new year brings better relations between our two nations. In honor of this occasion I will be offering tangible evidence of our efforts to foster better relations.

Our nation has done yours countless wrongs over the decades and for this I am sorry. I want to let you know that you have very good reasons to be distrustful of my overtures but I hope after your leaders and I meet face to face we can work out appropriate reparations which the US will like some time to pay due to our current economic crisis.

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What Obama should have said to Iran *LINK*
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countless wrongs
Re: What Obama should have said to Iran

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