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Re: Queen says 'NO' to Rastas
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what you might be paying your tax dollars for is the advantages that allows you to earn those dollars to start with. You think you have that job just because you're smart, or you worked hard? Plenty of people are smart and work hard, but don't get to have sweet jobs with tax dollars. Plenty are cut off before they reach their prime; plenty become convinced they have no future, no matter how smart they are and so don't reach their potential; plenty go to college/polytech/university, only to find that they don't seem to be getting appropriate responses to the job interviews they go on every day.
To assume that the playing field is level, and everyone starts on the same starting line is a folly. If we all start on the same starting line, then non-white peoples are hobbled, and whether or not you had no part in the hobbling (then or now), you must acknowledge the benefits you receive as a consequence. You cannot say "I ran my hardest, and that's why I won", it is clearly untrue and you are deceiving yourself.
So linking back to reparations.....what reparations are you doing on a day to day basis? If you don't want to pay your tax dollars, then what are you doing to redress the imbalance?
As for ET history, when HIM initially made his speech to the League of Nations, GB's response was pure greed. The initial "response" to this plea was to propose that ET be divided up into 3 "areas of interest": with GB, Italy and (?) France taking control over the separated areas. GB did come to ET's aid, in the end, but only because the only other option was to have the enemy controlling the horn of Africa, and the sea route which controlled the distribution of oil. The more things change, the more they stay the same!
Nick, a kind heart is not enough, Rasta must study and learn.
Jah Bless, sis naphtali

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Re: Queen says 'NO' to Rastas
Re: Queen says 'NO' to Rastas
Re: Queen says 'NO' to Rastas
Re: Queen says 'NO' to Rastas

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