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Re: Queen says 'NO' to Rastas
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"Britain making money off everyone who works in Britain"... yes absolutely. My father's (Welsh) people too were practically slaves, as were all working-class people in Britain.

There's a difference though between being practically a slave and being actually a slave.

For CENTURIES Britain and other slaveholding powers benefited from an absolutely free labor force. They didn't pay us a single penny. This is what enabled them to amass the wealth to create the so-called industrial revolution and so forth. Their whole empire was literally built off our backs.

As for Black people in the U.S. and Europe having the highest living standards in the world:
those statistics come from lumping the spending power of all Black people together. There's a few Black people making millions of dollars, that throws the statistics. Trust me, the living standards of Black people in the ghetto are not the highest in the world. You should visit some places in the U.S. and see what I mean. Parts of Brooklyn, the South Bronx, Chicago, etc. are third world nations within the U.S.

I wanted to make some more points about the above but I'm in a rush.

As far as the taxpayers: (1) Who says that the strategy of reparations activists is to get the funds from people's tax money? What about all the corporations (like Barclays bank just to name one) who got all their "seed money" from slavery? (2) If getting funds from people's taxes does turn out to be a strategy for reparations-- exactly how much would you as an individual be paying? I doubt it would be very much. Probably a few pennies. Your tax pounds already go to build nuclear weapons and oppress people around the world. Wouldn't you prefer spending them on a just cause?

By the way, I remember you didn't want to say what 'minority' you were a while back--- I guess we can stop guessing now! At least you're aware that "white" people are a minority.

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Re: Queen says 'NO' to Rastas
Re: Queen says 'NO' to Rastas
Re: Queen says 'NO' to Rastas

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