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Re: Queen says 'NO' to Rastas


When I see your message on another thread about Ethiopia was nowhere near as bad as European colonial powers, I thought to myself "hey... this guy's not so bad... he's obviously learned something here and changed his attitude." Obviously, I thought too soon.

Nick, I'm not even going to go into the b.s. about Britain "liberating Ethiopia", I guess from some sort of noble, pure motives. Just read some history on that and you will see that Britain only came to Ethiopia's aid when it was in their (Britain's) interest to do so. For many years previously, H.I.M.'s pleas for help fell on deaf ears. When Mussolini and his ally Hitler started threatening BRITAIN'S colonial possessions and BRITAIN itself, was when the British provided military assistance to Ethiopia out of pure SELF-INTEREST.

But that ain't the point anyway cos no one was talking about Mussolini's invasion of Ethiopia on this thread, we were talking about reparations for the holocaust of slavery. Slavery is what allowed Britain, AmeriKKKa, etc, to build themselves up to the state they are in today. All their so-called progress and industrial advancement and money were gained OFF OF OUR BACKS. So hell yeah, DAMN RIGHT they're ungrateful.


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