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Every man have a right to they own destiny

Greetings ire

Haile I Selassie I the first Emperor of Ethiopia.

Every iver I see reasoning like this about who Selassie I is and what he did or not did, the first vibes come to I mind is what Iter(Peter Tosh) Touch said in his reggae song.

I feel this is the utterance of Rasta here.

I am not in this world to live up to no one expectation, neither is anyone here to live up to mines, I don't owe no one no obligations and no one owe I none so everything is fine, fine. I am I am I am that I am, I am, I am this man and that man, I am the mystic man.

My old daddy used to say.When a man gone home from this sinful world to rest in his holy Ancestors abode once He was a man of Jah. Hipocrites and heathens will still be ya on this earthly plain a yap dem mout and tell lies on Dem and the ones who done dwelling with the Most High.

So all and all what blastphemers a say to contradict themselves when they fighting against I and I Emperor Haile I Selassie I of Ethiopia. Then they would be made to look ashamed one day when dem find say is pure propaganda dem spreading against the Highest Himself.It done said already,He shall come as a thief in the night. And one shall be taken and de other going to be left behind.

So blessed are those who called Jah by his New name and love the King Of all Kings Jah Ras Tafari, for is only a name shall be here.

Just like two thousand years ago when He was here with I and I in the earthly plain as Holy Emmanuel, and many doubted the same way as now in this mystic dispensation iver of Ras Tafari trod as Ethiopia(Conquering Lion of Judah) Emperor.

And then talking about material things. Can a man eat His jewelry and his medals?? No ire
So all Dem medals the King have, he no eat none ever, he had to eat real food like each Man naturally, and So the King had a right to eat whatsoever He desire according to His Culture of Ethiopia.

I and I the Rasta people of the Diaspora has a different mentallity about such matters, and one day the right truth about I and I going to cover the whole earth more than that past Colonial way of teaching I and I African descendants about some Eurocentric Christian God shitstem.

Time for I and I people to open Dem eyes and see Who is the Ruler of Ethiopia. None other Than His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile I Selassie I HIMSelf. He is here to stay.

Time to stop fighting against this King of Glory,Mighty in Battle, for He will trammple all ones who talk out of them ignorance. Should a King live in a Church or a palace?? Where does it say Selassie I had to live the way people expected.

DE king had to be just the way He is, mighty and Royal and powerful. That is the way I and I King had to be for I and I to praise HIM. Not some feather Soldier as mussolini, who swore He owned Ethiopia for the scrammble they(Europeans) took to try to conquer this Nation as the last stronghold of the Fatherland Africa.A What a gwaan Ire??

Time to Love and honor De Man Ras Tafari, for he is here with I and I always.

Like I good Idren Garnett Silk done said. Don't criticize De King if you do not know De King. He is the Roots and offspring of King David and the Seed of King Solomon. And that is why he is the I am of Mt Zion, the mystic warrior who conquered all His enemies in Battle, and Now I and I His Chrildren going to conquer I and I enemies in the same fashion too. He is the Arc of I and I covenant ire

Jah got a new name and it is terrible amongst men, heathen no like Jah name, watch when I and I call HIM Ras Tafari, all them weak hearts Tremble, simply because them no like Jah Name, This is a new and precious name, new name, Jah Ras Tafari. Fire Bun all Babywrong shitstem and propoganda.

This is just I personal opinion and not dedicated to any special person. It been too long in Babywrong(Neocolonialism, ism and scism) slavery ire. The Conquering Lion of Judah shall brake every chain and give I and I the victory again and again.
Africans stand firm, for I and I must be vitorious in this struggle of good over evil. I and I knows that I and I must win this struggle against I and I nation(Ethiopia) and King(Haile I Selassie I)

Haile I Selassie I, Jah Ras Tafari, Niyabinghi I, King Alpha and Queen Omega I

Leave I and I King alone ire.

Ninja Ras

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Every man have a right to they own destiny
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