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Re: The COLOUR Problem
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blessed i will respnd to your words, attributed w/(")

"i guess you’re not an Afrikan. Please excuse me if I’m wrong."

you are excused.

"Please just remember that we are all here for different reasons and it is not your duty to tell people why they are here, or to decide for people (in that tone …)what is necessary for them to discuss …

when did i tell you or anyone else 'why they are here.? my duty? what did i decide for you what you can discuss. i interjected my opinion.

'(I hope I’m “within bounds” with our brothers and sisters in saying that) … Accept that some people here are not like you, but are different from you!'

of course, we are all differnt. give thanks for dat.

'Tell me: what would you do, if you yourself were a black Afrikan (even a Rastaman!), who sees the oppression or killing of his people day by day, in their own land? Would you close your eyes and pray????'

bredrin/sistren, i open my eyes and pray. i see te oppression and killing of my people daily. i also see the triumphs of my people. i will reiterate again, that our people are killing our people-refer to several african countries in conflict right now.

You think even if anyone here had a “plan” they would divulge it to you -- just like that! -- over the Internet, with its many faceless spies?? Be serious, man!

the rt. honorable marcus garvey had a plan for reptritaion. it is outlined clearly in several books he has written. w.c blyden (sp) coordinated resources to send exploratory committees to africa during the 18th century. emmanuel edwards outlined ideas for repatriation in the eabic's 4 point agenda. i am not asking you to 'divulge' anything to me. i am looking for idren that seek to reason on fisical repatriation.

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