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Re: The COLOUR Problem
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blessed love,
i will deal w/ each reasoning in answers to your questions.

What is “philosophical” to you about all this and “not practical”?

philosophical-reasoning about abstracts, the reality is that there are very few whites that are 'moving to africa. if you have infromation to the contrary-please share.

Or how “practical” can you yourself get over an Internet discussion forum?

practical in the sense that there is collective sharing of ideas on how organizations/individual can communicate w/ the african union/united nations, heads of state in africa etc, on how ones might initiate the physical manifestation of repatriataion.

What is wrong with being “philosophical”? Why -- allow me to say -- don’t you simply stay out of it?

i did not say, something is 'wrong,' with being philosophical,if i did maybe i misspoke, however in respect to repatriation, for ones that are ready to manifest destiny-forwarding to africa; there is an urgency and many ideas are needed to be shared and resoned about, such as cost, education on local culture, aquiring work, visas, etc etc.

And how much time is “too much time” to you, anyway? … Of course I don’t agree with you, needless to say (and I hope that the majority of people here doesn’t!).

well, i did not put a timeline on the reasoning. i think that there is an urgency for those that are ready and willing to forward to africa. i for one, have contacted various embassises and discussed details regarding repatriation.

"Why must YOU -- you and only you, of all people!"

who do you think i am. considering the tone of your words, i believe that you must have preconceived notions about iani.

'-- attempt to decide for others (ESPECIALLY if you’re pro-black/pro-Afrikan), since we all evidently choose to see things through own eyes?'

what did i decide for other. i stated my opinion.

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