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Re: The COLOUR Problem
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blessed love,
i will respond accordingly.

"I suspect you’re asking that we all “close” this topic (and I think you’re even saying ANY TOPIC) about “whites”;

no, what i said is what i said. you do not have to suspect anything. i am quite comfortable whith sharing my opinion. i did not suggest that you close anything. discuss what you please.

"or perhaps that we “close our mouths”!! What’s so personal about it? Does it disturb you that people feel their lives have been influenced by “whites”, shaped by “whites”?"

please keep your mouth open if you desire. personal about what, i dont overstand? of course africans have been affected in vast ways as a result of centuries of colonialism, racism,
slavery etc. has your life been shaped by 'whites.' if so, yes that does disturb me. my wife was in exile in angola for 10 years, suffered under colnialism/apartheid and she maintains her pride dignity and she does not feel her life was shaped by whites. i am african born and raised in the urban city of usa-my life was not, and never will be 'shaped' by whites.
all of our lives in society is influenced not only by whites, but asians, indians, africans mexicans etc.

'Or that their “black” lands were stolen by “whites”, that “white” King Leopold of Belgium -- or his agents, who were criminals and thieves -- massacred 10 million “black” Congolese in the closing years of the 19th century?'

i know istory. lets deal w/ right now. brothers are killing hundreds of thousands of brothers in the congo. king leopold is dead and receiving his just rewards in hell.

… Or that the first case of genocide in the 20th century was -- not “white” Hitler’s “Endlösung” against Europe’s “white” Jews, but -- the butchering of South-West African “black” Herero people by “white” agents of the “white” German Kaiser? …

again, i know istory. there is no 'south-west africa. that is a colonial term. their is namibia. my people's literal home. my people are ovambo other tribes/people in namibia are herero, damara. they all suffered under the boers/german 'concentration camps/ethnic murders/genocide.

'Or that, all in all, “white” pirates, thugs, conmen, mercenaries, agents and “emissaries” have slaughtered an estimated tens of millions of “black” Afrikans over just the last 500 years on the “black” continent of Africa?'

agreed. in the past 20 years. africans have killed millions of other africans in liberia, sudan, sierra leone, angola, ethiopia, eritrea, etc etc. i can not do anything about the past 500 years. i can contribue to the upliftment of my people now.

… Isn’t it even more interesting (this time: *ABOUT YOU*!) that, despite obvious proof of all these RACIALLY motivated killings and stealings (which, you also should know, H.I.M condemned throughout his rule/life), we hear only SILENCE from the establishment and from you!

we would not be reasoning now, if i was silent. you would not have had anthing to respond to. i will have you refer to my previous words in response to your allegations about iani.

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Ashe! *NM*

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