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Re: Imperial Rule: Discontent in Tigray


yess mi idren u right.. nuttn divine right there .. thas why ur so hell bent on Dissin I Majesty, u choose to follow the path of those who accept them certain notions of His Majesty..and i am one who chooses to follow the notion of His Divinty

now nuttn wrong wit ini difference but i man still curious, in Faith.. where does the foundation build? and what do ini do about it?
You can frwd all u documents an 'news' bout His Majesty..i will forever dismiss it as slander, in belief we make sumting as real to us as much as we allow our mind to tap into that essence

So i ask:
What is your message after u slander His Majesty?
If the I was to frwd an expound on certain 'alleged' atrocities an comment an resolution i man could sense i higher yearning for enlightenemnt but i didnt detect that, so i man wait for a response again...


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