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Re: A reasonment on Rastafari & Africa


The I makes an EXTREMELY good point.

I can only speak for I, I am merely a student, learning of the evolution of ideas and concepts. Christianity is really only a re-telling of older stories with a new face and a supposed historical personality. So therefore, for I to sight Christianity as some new thing if I know the ideas and concepts come from earlier sources is wrong for I. So therefore I do not sight Rastafari as a Christianity with Selassie I replacing Jesus in the bible as some seem to do as this FOR I does not get to the ROOT.

I know that Khemetic ideas were taken and re-told to suit Christianity. Khemetic ideas have THEIR beginnings in older peoples to the south and interior of Africa. And I must say I ONLY know this through research and reading, so I am by no means an expert by any stretch of the imagination! I have found Gerald Massey and Albert Churchward to be good references in studying the evolution of symbols, signs and concepts fron the interior of Africa THROUGH Khemet that were re-told as Christian mythology. Furthermore these symbols, signs and concepts are found THROUGHOUT the WORLD, so there is a possibility that these ideas spread with the first peoples from Africa throughout the world. So from this perspective, the WHOLE WORLD owes its origin to Africa. I sight the origin of these ideas as not specifically tribal, i.e. Yoruba, Masai, etc., I TRY to see the UNITY in the signs and symbols to find the ROOT in these peoples to find a common heritage of all human beings.

I would be honored to learn more and corrected if ones feel my reasoning is lacking in any areas.

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A reasonment on Rastafari & Africa
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Re: A reasonment on Rastafari & Africa

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