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A reasonment on Rastafari & Africa


On the notion of African spirtuality has there been any mainstream monolith which all shared?
Does the claim to African Consciousness tie one into a specific cultural group? Or do ones accept the Diversity of I-story and peice together a Utopian view of how they thought ini used to live to justify today?

Just on a point of reason i stand in Ras Tafari which is a distinguished faith encompassing basic truths which all ini have to share holding fast to the Truth that His Majesty is the Divine Image on Man. Ones who claim of Rastafari being of ancient tradition is itthat ini emulate a past lifestyle from a previous(or still existing) ethnic group or in the dawn of a new era InI frwd as a new people a new race wit ini own identities an habits...

I response to i own question is that Rastafari is a new people of a Divine faith yess ini find foundation in I fathers yet ini still have i own lives to live in respects to His Majesty's Manifested orders
I question as to why ones try to justify I Ras Tafari wit past teachment, granted ini should overstand the fullness of what has been set. I am not dissmissing the notion that Rastafari is from iration for Jah people have been troddin the earth since I Mama earth bring foth the first I-man(womban). However through different geographical ranges InI evolve I teachments fi suit i conditions so I as Rastafari now frwd under the New Covenant Hailing His Imperial Majesty as I rightful Lord....

I have heard the view that InI Rastafari like to
'romanticize' a Depiction of His Majesty. To those i ask.. where is your faith?

woulda love fi hear di i dem reasonment on this still

love iver

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A reasonment on Rastafari & Africa
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