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The whole earth is Africa, Akebulan
In Response To: Re: Missionary VIBES cont: ()

Greetings idrens and Sisthrens

Jah Love today.
I did not say Haile I Selassie I to offend anyone here. Since I see so much ones hate the King for all these years. I calling for inity always.

All black people are the same no matter where they were born. No so?? What is all this skin color war all about ire. Does the color of a Man skin make Him automatically righteous.

Who sold more Human cargoes(So called slaves) than our own African Idrens whether they were Christians or Muslims. And what a really come out of that now? a neo colonial mentality that if unno skin different in color then unno should be different in mentallity too. Then, Who really created all the people in this earth??

Then what I and I saying is that the Creator was racist in creating people with different skin colors?? No. I can swear He knew exactly what he was doing when he created the first person.I and I all should have looked alike then.

I personally feel I and I have to let go of these weird concepts. Skin color nor make no one righteous so suddenly. Look at all the African tribalism going on for all these rolling years that even produced more than 500 year of selling I and I people to the west, Who really to blame for all this??

Some Black people continue to blame the europeans for I and I bondage through the Middle Passage to this so called New World Order. The Slave Catchers Charter did not say Africans had to sell their own Brethren to a foreign land(Babylon)for just vanity. Africa had more than that to offer all of us.

They(Heathen Africans) did these things originally, so it seems it is always easy for another black Man to sell out His own brother, just like many(colonel mengistu and his dergue) who sold out Emperor Haile I Selassie I to the Russians.

And so from the Ethiopian so called revolution which took place in 1974 to now, I and I no know how to run the African inity business no more. I know who could do this I will not say now again.

All I am asking here is when this black against black tribalism is going to stop on Africa Continent. Any one can answer this question here, just do not say it must continue, for I totally disagree.

Good is over evil, and the Positive is over the negative, and right is over wrong. It is wrong to continue all this bloodshed in the name of tribal warfare and religion. Stop the hate, it cannot be over the love of I and I, which is the greatest power of the iniverse.

And So I and I the good people will attract that inity that many here are triying to destroy each day.

Love is over Hate. When is Africans those at home and those abroad going to Inite to move out of the babywrong shitstem?? When ire

Jah Ras Tafari liveth itinually.

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