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If I and I get up and Quarrel everyday, I and I stilll saying praises to the devil I say. Why not help one another on the way and make life much easier.

Oromorality De I mean I had to come to another post to tell you to put away the fuss and fight and bring the inity I and I Africans sholud be working on now for I and I Collective Security. What does Rastafari owe you all Oromos??

When is African People at home and abroad going to inite ire, That is why unno chasing the Ras Tafari people from the site to come spread unno dirty propoganda. How can I and I settle these crucial matters ire?? What does the Organization(Now AU) of African Unity represent to I and I

Again I will say no true Rastaman or rastawoman is going to join De I and I to fight against I and I dear EMperor Haile I Selassie I who is mighty in Battle. Once De I dem had capture the King that would have been nice ey. instead the King capture unno treasonist and seccessionist dem.

I say already the Oromo tribe did not face no more tribulation than any other Black peoples of the world. Stop balling ire, and move on to at least let this new generation of African people see the true light to I and I African Redemption. Stop all this tribalism that was going on in the Continent for so many years ire.

Tell the real truth about the King of all Kings, Emperor Haile I Selassie The first,for is HIM who first abolished slavery in Ethiopia to stop unno from selling out I and I peoples in the name of unno Religion which saying all who no agree with unno are infidels. And that is why Ras Tafari Himself had to come stop people like Lij Eyassu and Ras Michael who was trying to sell Ethiopia to Places like Turkey and Arabia,and unno who no has no raspect for the Ancient Ethiopian Dynasty.

And Who Rasta is going to join Unno if unno is not trying to use the healing process here. Unno going to be left in unno triball corner when the big picture is going to be revealed soon, so keep up all this paganiasm again and think it going to be progress

Agian stuuborn Oromos. When unno going to get on board of the inity Ship and put away unno tribal warfares on the Continent. Africa is not going to be owned by the Oromos Tribe alone, All the other Black peoples are Africans too, whether they are Oromos or not.

When is African people at Home and abroad going to put away their petty differences and inite as one to develop the Nation for all ones to enjoy, and not Oromos alone. This tribalism has to stop Oromorality. What leader will love to fight all the ivers. Where is the African Love and Inity gone ire

Imaging De I and I here again on another post dissing I and I Imperial Majesty. This is nonsense on a Ras Tafari Speak site, and the ones who are condoning this dirty Prapoganda are not realistic.
There can be no other leader in the capacity as Emperor Haile I Sealssie I(Power Of the Triune) None whatsoever. Bring your best and they will fail this test ire.

Oromo I thought De I was trying to heal the matter, instead DE I is so stubburn to bring this tribal message here on a Rastafari Speak page that is so weird now. Why not go to a babywrong site to lodge your case. I already said the Oromo case is accepted.
I Man Carribean(Carry beyond) Ancestors were sold to the europeans by African Tribes to the western world, and still I and I forgive all Africans for that.
So remeber again Oromo, is not your people alone who suffered in this ya Babywrong struugle. Time to give up that division vibes here and get on to a better stage of inity. I and I need more uplifting at this crucial ivers ire.

When is the real healing process going to begin here. I thought it already started on your other post, yet now I prove De I dem most ivers cannot be really trusted. It reminding I that Emperor Haile I Sealssie I came unto His own and His own receive Him not, and now the ones who received Him became the true Remnant of Davids foundation(Rastafari). De I dem a look for more war with the Remnant of His Seed yes, and can never conquer Ras Tafari or His people. No way ire. Ras Tafari is foriver

Africans, this is full time now to inite. No So Ire??
How much times I will have to ask for inity here on this site, so that other people can see I and I put away I and I petty differences and be the real so called Role Models for the future generations of African people. What is the tribal warfare bringing I and I. Nothinggggggg Ire.Just pure negativity and downfalls. What a Shame African people.

My usual two main questions here again are: Is Hate better than Love???

Is division better than inity?? Answer this again Oromorality.

Haile I Selassie I, Jah Ras Tafari, Niyabinghi I

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