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Re: Missionary VIBES
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Chek out this response on the same topic,


Subject: Re: Hieroglyphics and Related Issues

There is more research and printed information to
refute the Euro-American writers who wish to keep
changing the course of history.

The Ethiopian, Egyptian and Nubian were the same
people. It was only at the advent of the Non-Africans
that specific terms were used for the African
peoples. They ( Europe) divided us on the lies of
color and hair texture and facial difference and any
type of mixtures.

The terms Ethiopian and Egyptian 3000 years ago meant
quite a different thing than it did even 2000 years
ago and quite a different thing today.

Two thousand years ago because to the devastation of
Africa and the devaluation of its original peoples,
the term Ethiopian and Egyptian became derogatory
terms (like Nigger).

When you begin to understand there was no line of
demarcation in a family of Africa, then you will see
that the Ethiopian was the parent, brother sister of
the Egyptian as was the Nubian - [BTW no pharaoh was
legitimate unless he married and Ethiopian Queen -
that was true of the Hebrew as Solomon married and had
a child with the Queen of Sheba or Makeda, Queen of
Ethiopia]. When you say, "How did the Ethiopian
become the Hebrew?" They did not become
anything--they were a people called out of the whole
of the family, and that sub-group was part of the
original group of Africans.

The term Ethiopian is a recent title by the European
and we have adopted that term. The 'Ethiopian' called
himself a man and a child of the creator but in some
cases among themselves they were called Habashan
meaning 'The [ or children of] Ashan' HA(B) being the
definite article in many Semitic-Hamitic languages.

The title Habashan is interesting because it is two
words in one Hab-Ashan which in later terms meant
children of the smoking city, which is they same name
of the Tribe of Ashanti's in Ghana, who also became a
large contingent that were captured as slaves and
brought to America during the transatlantic slave

It would be like your family moving to Tennessee or
Timbuktu...you just moved. They may then refer to
you as "our relatives in Tennessee." But later, those
who did not understand the make-up of your family and
felt the need to divide and conquer because they
wanted to become 'the sons of God' differentiated and
divided the family by calling one Hebrew and another
Ethiopian and another Egyptian.

The true African did not consider himself divorced
from the root - even if his hair was straight or nappy
- even if his color ranged from light to blue-black.
You see this on the wall of the Temples in Egypt and

Cecil B. DeMille of the 10 Commandment movie fame,
has caused us to look at the true Hebrew in erroneous
terms. The Hebrews who left Egypt [ if you subscriber
to that version] were Egyptians...

There was no such thing as a divided nation of
Ethiopians, Egyptians, and Nubians--only in the mind
of Europe. Ethiopia at one time extended to Ur of the
Chaldes where the so-called father of the three major
religions hailed from ...Abraham.

The Biblical Scriptures are of African origin.
Africa always included Egypt and the Middle East or
Mesopotamia [if you adhere to the theory of the three
sons of Noah you will see Nimrod was associated with
Kush and Kham (Ham)]. The division of Africa came
with the European invasion and then the so-called
Middle East was cut away form the Motherland with the
advent of the Suez Canal.

Marsha Stewart

Go to these two sites for more info on the subject.



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