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You said: “We will not hesitate to recognise the contribution of Ras Forever and all those who volunteered to carry on his vision; but now this disrespect is having a dominoe effect.”

Cause and effect is part of life.

I worked on the server side over the years and I saw what people do when they cannot get their own way especially some regulars. Several regulars have disrespected those who help in my view. They now choose to use the service to disrespect the management and other volunteers.

All who are aggrieved should simply leave but they cannot make demands or bully anyone. Ras Forever never owned this service. He was a volunteer just like myself and he assisted with much more than this board. He was also one of the managers/moderators of the board. I really wonder how many really knew him since he resided very close to where I am and assisted in many other aspects of this work. We did not always agree on many things.

People can bring legitimate issues related to the stated objectives of the site but should not try to dictate, dominate and or distract from the general intent of the boards.

Forget the name change bit… when people come here they should read the rules and general intention of the service. If they disagree they could move on. The moderators should not be carrying on with an ongoing banter about the reasons for their actions. Most often people jump in without even knowing the whole story but with their vague and often ill-informed assumptions.

The moderators will not be able to please everyone and that is life.

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