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Re: Aparthied
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I will respond to this then I will do like others and no longer respond to distortions, distractions, attacks and slander.

The Nuwubian folks were not banned but instead a forum was created for ones who feel that the only way to express should include the use of obscene language. So some here are also free to use the free for all board as it is rarely moderated.

The Oromo poster/s were stopped because they raised the issues several times and many on the board did not want them. Then one/s of them resorted to using 'another method' to put out their message. Since they returned they have complied with the rules and are more than welcome to share all. (I wish other affected groups do come, as I know a few.)

Some say that the moderators respond too much and some have demonstrated a dislike for the management. All of that is their right, but they are not dealing with issues or promoting their idea of Rastafari anymore, instead they want to turn the forum into an attack on the moderators… Well tolerance is good and making decisions that may seem unpopular is often necessary and is sometime misconstrued as a lack of tolerance.

As far as I can see no one was denied from expressing his or her idea of Rastafari, Blackness.

The only thing that is constant is change and if some are having a problem adjusting to that, it is expected. But lies, slander and downright distractions would not be encouraged.

I think it should be clear to all that I stand firmly behind the few who offered time and resources to upkeep the 'free service' without burdening anyone. I know they are more interested in the quality and not the quantity of posts. However, there are some who feel their worth on the boards gives them more privileges than the legitimate operators and moderators and here is where our views will differ.

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