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Rastafari speaks?

When them Nuwubian folks did frwd an start mek noise bout them leader Dwight York.. them was chased away not only for disrespect, but moreso they defended NON rastafari issues they were asked to carry them discussions elsewhere or even to the Free for all board......however they where championing a BLACK Cause.. they were very more enthusiastic than many which are present now.. im jus curious an wonder if i am the only one who sights Hipocritical matters right here and NOW..?

Ras Tafari is now being banned from the website?
On what counts?.. if ones love to bring things in the open i would like fi be Jury as to what specifically has happend to warrant certain moves..

A Quick Rundown On Apartheid

Apartheid in S.Africa denied Blacks to their basic rights(not priveledge as ones feel blacks should have) to which belonged to them... the Afrikaneers came took up all them land marginalised them gave them a bunch of laws, rules, and restrictions an said sure . this place is yours as long as u do it OUR way... the Original Inhabitants of the land.. then became underplayed an the essence of their culture was critized,hidden and oppressed...
being prisoners in there own lands they were called violent and unruly when they simply wanted back their way of life...(does this story sound familiar to anyone).. what makes it even harder.. especially a view on south Africa today... the black 'champions' are now taking there 'rightful' place.. they sure are... they are slowly ilfiltaring the white elite and yess.. you guessed it.. are now forming a black elite... has the oppression ended? NO...

My point may not be clear to All..but to ones who do INI have the Power to change our past and set new grounds for the future. conscious effort an steppin outside our(ego) world....

pomp an pride is the failure of man.. if we have been blessed wit the capacity to reason... let us do it.. not only reason wit the HIGH and Mighty.. but the poor and lowly.. the ignorant and the meek..

it is a challenge...Peace An Blessings

Ras Kamau

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