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    Rasta Revolution: The New Rasta, A New Lost Nation
    With Misguided Leadership and Misdirected Priorities
    (Who is determining the rastaman's priorities nowadays?)

    By Ras Jahaziel
    August 21, 2009 - rastafarivisions.com


    When a house is burning or a ship is sinking it is typical for those that are imperiled to focus urgently on the immediate problem that needs to be fixed...that is if they are not dead asleep or drugged by the dope of domestication. Similarly the priorities of any people who are beset by crisis ought to be characterized by urgency and focus on the immediate problems that need to be fixed.

    The first questions they should ask of any program or event is: Whose problem is it fixing; whose consciousness is it elevating? Is it reaching the people that need the most help; is it fixing the hole that is leaking?

    Is it elevating the consciousness of the sick masses of African people who continue to be systematically indoctrinated with the virus of self-hate that leads to the present epidemic of self-destruction? Is it creating alternatives to their current pitiful economic dependency?

    (Read More... | Rasta Revolution | Score: 4.83)

    Rasta Revolution: Bicentennial Global Dialogue (4)
    Ras Jahaziel
    August 02, 2007


    Without a doubt, the rising tide of Black reparations is sure to affect all nations, because Black labor and Black resources are the foundation stones upon which all “First World Wealth” is built.

    If this rising tide continues, the weather forecast for White Heaven looks pretty ominous.

    Hence there is a need to pump billions of dollars into The Culture of Dumb Down, otherwise known as The Culture of DELIBERATELY CULTIVATED IGNORANCE.

    (Read More... | Rasta Revolution | Score: 5)

    African Diaspora: The Way Forward for Africans
    By Ras Jahaziel
    April 03, 2007

    Beyond the ill-defined concept of Repatriation that is driven by religious euphoria, fear, and millennium hype

    The anguished cry for repatriation goes far back to the day when the first captives were taken from the shores of Africa. At that time the Africa from which they had been so brutally removed was a land where, though the Black man was under pressure from countless invasion forces, his spirit was not yet trapped in a bottle, and his strength was not yet abused in order to build White wealth.

    The memory of Africa was therefore comparatively a joyful one, and those African ancestors held in bondage on western plantations could justifiably sing songs like "By the rivers of Babylon we weep when remembering Zion." This is a memory that has been handed down unchanged from generation to generation, creating a psychic time-capsule that has served as a spiritual place of refuge in the very darkest moments of oppression.

    (Read More... | African Diaspora | Score: 4.8)

    African Diaspora: Afrikan concept of God
    By Dr. Kwame Nantambu, trinicenter.com/kwame
    December 31, 2006

    Every Afrikan society has beliefs, ideas and teachings that emphasise the existence of a Supreme Being. These beliefs, ideas and teachings are found to be original with the Afrikan way of life. But, beliefs, ideas, teachings and even practices may differ from society to society and from shrine to shrine.

    These differences may be found in customs, rituals, norms and sanctions. They may be found in spiritual languages as instruments of communicating ideas, beliefs and practices. They may also be found in spiritual representations like shrines, temples, relics, costumes and the application of beliefs and ideas in the numerous activities of life.

    (Read More... | African Diaspora | Score: 4.75)

    Poetry: The blinded ones
    By Eja
    RastafariSpeaks Message Board

    In all things
    transformation is enhanced
    by the light of the Sun
    In things that are alive
    growth and health
    is promoted
    by the light of the Sun
    In things that are dead
    the multiplication
    of organisms
    that live off dead matter

    (Read More... | Poetry | Score: 4.75)

    African Diaspora: Instilled Protectionism of White/Male Supremacy
    By discipleofthenile
    Rastafari Speaks Forum

    It is amazing that as Rastafari there are those that refuse to acknowledge higher truths that are presented as a result of making a conscious CHOICE to seek/grasp more than what has been released by mainstream teachers and dogmas.

    Rastafari is about one thing (should be). It is about experiencing and grasping absolute truth. But since their is an obstacle/blockade to this path, it becomes paramount to remove that blockade. So unfortunately, the mission of Rastafari is on two fronts: (self/truth attainment AND lie/oppression removal)

    (Read More... | African Diaspora | Score: 5)

    African Diaspora: Africans must regain control
    By Eja, rastafarispeaks.com

    We are in a race against time.

    There are outside interests (working through local representatives/collaborators) whose main aim would be best served by our loss of ancestral knowledge. These are entities who know the truth in the saying "knowledge is power" and because their plans for 'full-spectrum domination' will never come to fruition for as long as they are not in control of ALL knowledge, they have been working for a while now to degrade the regard Africans have for their own ways of knowing and, for the products of those ways.

    Two examples of how this has manifested are rice (a staple) and the treatment for malaria.

    (Read More... | African Diaspora | Score: 4.75)

    African Diaspora: The foundation of Justice
    Posted by Eja

    "The foundation of Justice is Love".

    I will start by saying this: when we speak of reparations, we are speaking of Justice. But, if the saying above is true, if "the foundation of Justice is Love", then how can we pursue it within this current dispensation? Where -in hearts filled with hate- are we to find this thing (Justice)?

    What is Love?

    The reason I have disagreed with the ones who fling this word/concept about with little care i.e. the OneLoveLoveOneAndAll crew) is because I know that when these speak on 'love', what they mean is 'forgive our sins against you', 'accept our values', 'be colour blind and trust that we will eventually be so too', 'integrate yourselves into our systems' and 'let us have sex'.

    (Read More... | African Diaspora | Score: 2.5)

    African Diaspora: Reflections On African Liberation Day
    By Ras Jahaziel

    Liberation from the long-term consequences of Plantation Slavery

    In the formative years of The White World Order, much thought was given on how best to capture and harness Black labor and Black minds so that they could be diverted to the task of building white wealth. With that goal in mind, major institutions were set up specifically to facilitate the exploitation of Black labor, and chief among these were the legal institution, the religious institution, and its twin, the educational institution.

    (Read More... | African Diaspora | Score: 4.66)

    Rasta Revolution: Demystifying The Issue Of Repatriation
    by Ras Jahaziel

    REPARATIONS and REPATRIATION for the descendants of slavery and colonialism are two inseparable twins that hold between them the cornerstones for the formation of a new international morality. If one is stripped from the other, JUSTICE fails, and the evil slave-master triumphs once again. Without Reparations, repatriation is more likely to become the repatriation of the privileged.

    One should never forget that once upon a time there was an argument amongst the slave-masters about what should be done with the slaves after Emancipation. Some said "Let us see to it that they will never be able to really OWN anything, because we cannot afford to let them become independent. Keep them so busy working that they will never have much time to think, and saddle them with debt so that they will never progress. They can stay here, but they will always be kept busy in the pursuit of powerless-ness." Some said "But we need to keep this place ALL WHITE, so let us bring in more Caucasians and pack these niggers on a boat and send them back to Africa bare-back and empty-handed the same way how they came." The descendants of slavery therefore find themselves today in a situation where the man that is tossing the coin is doing so on one condition "HEADS, I WIN, TAILS, YOU LOSE." Whichever way the coin falls, it represents the triumph of injustice.

    (Read More... | Rasta Revolution | Score: 4.18)

    Rasta Revolution: The Wrong Concept Of God
    By Ras Jahaziel


    Because of what we were taught for a very long time, we sort of expected that God was going to come and change things, but every God that came just visited for a short while and then left us in the same situation. As is the custom with slave people, our weakness of spirit has often caused us to worship messiahs rather than be INSPIRED by messiahs. When the messiah has ascended, we find ourselves gazing into the sky or passionately intensifying our icon-worship in the hope of salvation.

    Little have we realized that messiahs always disappear so that followers would put an end to EXTERNAL worship and find the might and power within.

    (Read More... | Rasta Revolution | Score: 4.53)

    Rasta Revolution: The Cure For Acute Negro-Psychosis
    By Ras Jahaziel

    As a people who not only have been robbed of our land but also robbed of our soul, the first priority on the pathway of liberation has to be REDISCOVERY OF SELF. Failure to rediscover self means that we will continue to play the game of life with the cards that white oppressors have craftily marked in their favor. With such cards we are bound to keep on losing, and losing, and losing, and the eventual consequence will be eternal servitude. We will only be fooling ourselves if we believe that slavery is a past tense thing that could never happen again, yet every day we continue to play with the same old deck of cards. In many cases even our very concept of right and wrong may have to be re-examined, for we have been programmed to embrace the slaver's religiously-cloaked choices, not knowing that the man who was saving our souls was saving them to be devoured by his next of kin. The safest attitude to adopt is that THE SLAVER IS ALWAYS WRONG UNTIL PROVEN RIGHT. Nothing that comes from the big house should be casually digested without thorough examination to see if it has been treated with slow poison.

    In the process of REDISCOVERING SELF we must inevitably become more creative, because rediscovering self really means rediscovering our own inner God who is the head of all creation.

    (Read More... | Rasta Revolution | Score: 4.66)

    Rasta Revolution: Baba Ras Marcus: Rastafari and Religion
    By Baba Ras Marcus
    December 09, 2004

    Be at peace with the Creator who ever you conceive him to be, for the Creator is in Ethiopia, but he is also in every single part of the earth, sea, and sky at the same time, he is in humanity and also in all living creatures at the same time, the Creator is everywhere, and there are no limits that can be placed on him or her geographically speaking. The birds and other creatures do sing their praise in their own unique ways, and they are truly living closer to the laws of Mother Nature and Father Time, more than any human being upon the face of this earth including myself.

    There are some very serious lessons to be learned and we should widen our internal mental and spiritual faculties, and learn as much as we can. We can believe as much as we want to believe, but when we know, that is when we achieve knowledge. We must be very careful, that we are not teaching things to our people which we cannot prove; religion is a very dangerous weapon of minds destruction. Let your yes be yes and your no be no, words are very important, but the actions which we take are much more important than the words which we speak.

    (Read More... | Rasta Revolution | Score: 4.81)

    Haile Selassie: Spirituality

    The temple of the most high begins with the human body, which houses our life, essence of our existence.

    Africans are in bondage today because they approach spirituality through Religion provided by foreign invaders and conquerors.

    We must stop confusing religion and spirituality.

    Religion is a set of rules, regulations and rituals created by humans which were supposed to help people grow spiritually.

    (Read More... | Haile Selassie | Score: 5)

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