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Re: KRST overstanding is ancient


I appreciate the self/truth expression. You realize the key to liberation is to able to identify yourself.

Let me quickly say that again, masculinity and femininity are not polarized or identified by male and female.

Femininity simply means receptive and encompassing and resurrective.

Masculinity simply means invasive, aggressive and investigative.

And let me address this:
*******How can there really be any real exclusion except by personal choice when the Bible is the most accessible collection of books extant. ******

Because the bible, first by calling it "THE" bible allows for the superiorization of the associated cultures/peoples that it gives originality to. It is not the bible itself, it is the people whom the bible claims to be GODS ONLY CHOSEN PEOPLE.

Just look at the vastness of a globe and stick your finger on the Israel, Canaan, Judean area. When you accept the bible, you accept the presentation that FIRST, there are chosen people vs. unchosen people and SECOND, that the chosen people are semitic/monotheistic. That indoctrination using the psychological power of a vengeful God is mental terrorism to cause you to conform. This also blocks your NATURAL affinity to sense and commune with the ENTIRE essence of Nature in its completion because you are orientated in a Masculine perspective instead of a holistic encompassing perspective.

One thing that is VERY significant is that the bible does not acknowledge the circularity of existence. You have a linear presentation from Genesis to Revelations, yet EVERYTHING in nature from the subatomic to the stellar shows us a GREAT CYCLE...EVERYTHING SPINS. Yet we have nothing but lineage and linear thinking. No mystery, linear and masculinity are synonymous...its phallic.

Just remember that the MAJORITY of indigenous people never heard of ANY BOOKS and do not accept a MALE ONLY DEITY yet somehow they live in harmony and do not harm others and the males do not run around all excited and fornicating because the women have beautiful breasts exposed.

Like I have said before, it is the ONLY and THE and CHOSEN and GOD'S WORD and GOD'S ONLY SON and stuff like that that discredits the writs for me. It is the claims of divine prophecy as if attributed to inspired chosen holy men instead of acknowledging that indigenous cultures overstood the same thing THOUSANDS of years before writs.

Holy writs discredit Afrikan Originality and Spirituality.

Humans and the love and decency amongst them did not just begin 6,000 years ago.


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Re: KRST overstanding is ancient
Re: KRST overstanding is ancient

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