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Re: KRST overstanding is ancient


I have not ignored your posts in this thread. The opposite, as you have dominated my headspace for some time. You have taken up my study time and art time even. I have made copious amount of notes and read your posts repeatedly.

Oh yes, I am intimidated, as a great deal of your argument is irrefuteably right. And as I concede to the greater power of your intellect and learning ,the only real argument I can come up with is that, this is spiritual.

So, "the instilled or accepted religious borders" - I don't like the word "religious", for starters.
Exclusitivity or borders have been placed around me as I am exhorted to come out of the world, babylon, to be a peculiar people and not partake of the world.
This makes me vulnerable, for example, as I am by making such an open declaration on this forum.
As I have declared myself separate by my beliefs you have also rejected me because of them. you have immediately placed me into what you perceive as the correct "religious" it is six of one half dozen of the other.

Rastafari preaches the same exclusion "not of this world" as it is spiritual warfare I and I are dealing with.
Bible qote here..... Romans 8;35
"For i am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, ..................

as for any aspect of "chosenism" here I don't accept as I have been called but in that answering the call I AM JUSTIFIED. Rom 8;31
NOT everyone answers the calling when it comes to them. That's their choice.
This is New Testament for the gentiles.
In the world, Christ is my barrier, my door, as in the ark there was only one door looking to the sky so Noah wouldn't be too scaredy cat,the other obvious one is the door at Passover.
Look out another bible quote:Isiaih 26;20
"Come my people enter into thy cambers and shut thy doors about thee; hide thyselves as if for a moment, until the indignation is past"

How can there really be any real exclusion except by personal choice when the Bible is the most accessible collection of books extant.
The world has access to it and in any form you choose it to be, hebrew, latin, ye olde english, greek, eskimo and maybe even penguin as we can't leave out those emporor penguins in the south pole who keep the eggs warm whilst mummy goes off for food. I wonder why, probably because the male being bigger as they usually are have larger body mass enabling more body heat.

More power to those penguins as they are doing everything they have to together to survive.
I am naturally feminine don't have to assert my femininity, nor am i intimidated by men despite my smallness, nor do I have to use any form of conventional beautifying to attract them.
(Though sometimes when i open my mouth they get scared and run away.. the truth hurts sometimes)

I love ADAM/MAN that is it and am more likely to worship the male body beautiful (you should see my male nude art, aiyaiyai) than any female deity whatever her origin may thought of to be.
As i have said before I have absolutely no need whatsoever to have any female presence in my life, spiritual, non-spiritual, worldly everyday, dreamlife, fantasy, worship, NADA.

BUT I definitely LUV any man who is a good cook.

Faith, hope and love, judes

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Re: KRST overstanding is ancient
Re: KRST overstanding is ancient

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