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Re: did god make individuality in humans

Judah, More Love,

when you were 3,you only knew the greatness of what you saw in the revelation of Yeshua as of God,as the powers of Jah manefested in the flesh body called Jesus/Yeshua/Christ ect.
I would say that the idea of Jesus being exclusive God,form(flesh)would have come much later or at least a few years later.Yes?
Religion preaches that Jesus is 'the only begotten Son'.Christianity has been one of the 'greatest' businesses to make money ever!
Look at how ones market products that they want to sell,even today.
The 'One and only','second to none','the only real....','competitive' are all marketing techniques.
One and only is the oldest selling technique in the book!Then after repeated use of the marketed/pedestalled product all other 'products'(Buddism,Sufi-ism)are seen through a hierachyALL,LINEAR,viewpoint of- God is 'TOP' and my Gods name(which is really just a personality)- IS Yeshua/Jesus ect.
Where you read Bible ANYTHING that makes personalities the,TOP GOD is an add in.Anywhere where you hear about a woman being lessor than a man is an ADD IN.Anything edited OUT is to do with covering up the indigenous roots,editing out the BLACK MAN/WOMBMAN as those prophets of old.
You only sight Bhuddists as NOT believing in a 'God' because maybe you see God as a linear point because you only connect the infinate(god) to a finite man/product/substance- Jesus.Yes?
Buddists see the universe as in the reality of there being A SOURCE OF EVERY SOURCE,so there cant be a linear point/or CONSTRUCT called GOD.
They do not deny the infinity of a source of every source because the ideas they are working with are a inner standing of saying 'one cannot define the Undefinable'spirit/god/universal intelligence.I beleive this idea is expressed in the bible,yes?I think you'll find it is.
Remember that the bible is in the English language or the European linguistic paradym which is a verry crude language for explaining deep Icepts.In sanskrit there are certain words that are standard and are commonly known but to explain these Icepts one needs a whole paragraph of english words to convey the Icepts.This same reality in language can be seen in many languages,Seen?
All being said Judah,Iam just explaining a little of what my God/perspective is to me and what is the highest,for me.Iam not saying my Icept of God is better than yours.
The worship of a form is not what the deal is to me.Its about the qualities and teachings reflected in the form.Anyone can worship a body or synbol,its about the qualities the energy of the indefinable God.When the qualities become paramount and not the personality then the indefinable can be seen in all things defined or manifested.Blessed love.More life,strength and Power. Fari bless...

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Re: did god make individuality in humans
Re: did god make individuality in humans
thanks for sharing your thoughts
Re: thanks for sharing your thoughts

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