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Re: did god make individuality in humans

Greetings SimonI,

many thanks for your response..

Well, "christianity", as we can observe it in the mainstream, is as faraway from the actual gospels, scriptures and the teachings of Jesus and via Pual as can be.
For instance, the doctrines of prosperity presented to us by the televised evangelists, by various "church" groups such as the AOG, the Exclusive Brethren and innumerable others is as erroneous and as far removed from the truth that you can get.

We are in the last days (agreed?. Babylon, "the great" is striving it's hardest to take as many down with it as it can. And at this stage i am mainly concerned with the seduction of the children into lawlessness and disobedience.
In the Revelation, in the "church" for this time is Laodicea which is discribed as the lukewarm church, grown fat with refined gold and fine processed woollen garments.
It can be descibed as the "church of man" where human interest, finance and worldly recognition are the underlying motives. Interesting too, they appear to regard with suspicion anyone who sees the scripture as more than outdated manuscripts or historical documents.

i do not belong to an asembly such as this so what I am learning from is a strict interpretation from the scriptures. It is scriptural based, worship and praised based but not celebration based either, i.e. non charismatic.

The Church of God/Jah/YAHWEH, however, is the body of Christ Jesus and is only accomplished in its formation by the presence of the Holy Spirit. The destiny of this body, where ever, whoever, where the Holy Spirit/Christ is able to enter...
(see.. Laodecia REV :3;20 "bEHOLD, I STAND AT THE DOOR AMD KNOCK.If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and dine with me" destined as the bride of Christ, Rev 22. as "the Bride of Christ"

ANYWAY I could go on but as i am sitting here typing i am thinking that all the ideas and questions you have put forward to me aren't any different to the ones I have sought out and looked at for myself over the years so i have certain feelings of nostalgia and some wonder.
First in that my personal relationship with God, the Father and Jesus/Yeshua His son has come on a long journey from that 3 year old.
I had forgotten about my first revelation of Christ until just recently when I have had other visions of Him, some were in dreams, some were in the assembly, some in meditation.

It was these subsequents revealing that triggered my memory. And i have to admit, whilst I have always been a believer, I have not always been a "churchgoer". It has only been in the last fews years having found a little gathering of people who are non prosperity but scriptural based.

So after having asked the same questions as you have, having searched the world for answers to all my questions, read and experienced copious amounts, this is where i am at now...learning more than I ever thought possible...
Hey, I am still asking questions though and sift/study anything i am told to make sure it is okay, right ,truth and scriptural.

AND I still do have a problem that my assembly is male dominated/chauvinistic in some aspects but then again I stand up and say my piece anyway. Without placards, i have made them sit up and listen and come into the 21c when talking to me at least. But it is not about feminity or the feminine as such but more about my right as a person to be heard, as on this forum.

The "feminine" aspects of the Deity, of the Father, the Creator, or lack of them is a continuous bone of contention on this forum so it has set me to thinking as i am female.
It never was a part of my personal relationship with either the Father or His Son but my thoughts now are this...The feminine nature of the Father is Love,as simple as that and all the attributes attributed to love...I am quite happy with that idea at the moment.
I could be wrong, though... is it scriptural

The important question is to ask yourself, though, "What is your moral position?"
Can morality be a concern if you don't believe in Him?
Can you accept that the Bible is for moral instuction and doctrine, when right is a conduit for life when we know iniquity so well.
Iniquity, as inwardly devised evil has only one source and the Bibles clearly states even the demons know God and knowing they are in a state of fear and trembling as they the time is short
and they know their end.

I have been shown mine, so I have the answer to all my questions.

Much love and hope, Judah

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Re: did god make individuality in humans
thanks for sharing your thoughts
Re: thanks for sharing your thoughts

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