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Re: The Buju Banton Controversy over Bob Marley

I agree with Buju, and agree with your (Leslie's) point about colourism (I bet Bob would've agreed too), but "non threatening lyrical content"?
"I feel like bombing a church now that ya know that the preacher is lying"
"Burnin and Lootin tonight"
"Now the fire's out of control, panic in the city wicked weeping for their gold"
"So I shot, I shot him down... if I am guilty I will pay"
etc etc
Actually on the whole I feel Bob's lyrical content was considerably more "threatening" on the whole, than Buju's, who is great at social commentary at times but can also be rather vague and insubstantial at others (the song "Sudan" for example... how did that address anything actually going on in Sudan?)
But I absolutely agree with the point that concentrating on Bob has taken the focus away from others who are just as good, and surely the most glaring example of that is PETER TOSH the immortal STEPPING RAZOR... how many books are there on Bob, I haven't seen a single one on Peter, no one can't tell me Peter ain't worth writing a book about!!!

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