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You are quite a bit like a cop.
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The first thing you did on coming onto this message board was go out of your way to create artificial controversies and blaze fire on people without justification. Cops are very fond of divide and conquer type tactics like this.
You hate hip hop music and culture apparently. So do most cops.
You think of yourself as different, and better, than the average "hood" type of Black person. So do most black cops. (I don't know that you are black at all but that's another story).
You can't stand Mumia Abu-Jamal. This would make you even more conservative than some black cops. (The head or former head of the National Association of Black Police Officers was a Mumia supporter, as is the only police officer who I have met who I would exchange a respectful word with, my grandad's friend in East Orange NJ who is a member of Black Cops Against Police Brutality, and who has to watch his back all the time cos his colleagues have a hit out on him).
You apparently have a family member who was murdered by gangmembers. That's the type of thing I could see driving someone who hadn't got the knowledge or grounding to really think through the situation, to join the police to supposedly "make a difference" or whatever.
I have never killed anyone or been accused of killing anyone, never been a gang member, and certainly have never been nominated for a nobel peace prize. I don't think you can marshall that much evidence to say that I am "quite a bit like Tookie Williams".
I can marshall evidence that shows you are "quite a bit like a cop" though.
Of course that is all circumstantial evidence that certainly doesn't come close to proving beyond a reasonable doubt that you are a cop. But people have been executed based on less circumstantial evidence than that.
Why you wanna go to a Moonlight Gathering in Trini so much? Where are you getting the funds to fly down to Trini at a moment's notice? It's not cheap to fly from Cleveland to Trini. Do you wanna go down there to experience a moonlight gathering, or to spy on people?
I'm not saying that you are a cop/spy/infiltrator. I am saying that you might be and that you are giving several clues that could indicate this.

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You are quite a bit like a cop.

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