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Re: To Ras Atum
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You didn't answer my question re MOVE. By the way you been calling people names on this board from since you first come on here so don't complain when people call you names. Let's say for the sake of argument that Mumia DID kill that cop. (WHICH, LET ME RE-ITERATE, THE EVIDENCE INDICATES HE DID NOT: go to www.mumia.org and also go to the pigs' lying website www.danielfaulkner.org and judge for yourself). So what? The cop was beating the crap out of his brother with a metal flashlight. I would have killed the damn cop if he was putting my brother's life in danger. You sir are defending the racist police and putting down your brother who spent his entire life fighting for YOUR and all Black people's rights. If you are in fact a cop then that is easier to understand. I would put less fire on you if I was 100% convinced you were a cop- hey you'd just be doing your "job" like they all say and I would expect nothing other than lies and misinformation. If you are not a cop, and are actually black, that makes you a traitor to your people. Anyway as far as I'm concerned you should either stop calling yourself a 'ras' or else add another 's' to the end of it.
Hell I wouldn't be surprised if you were to defend Amadou Diallo's murderers the rate you are going!!! He shouldn't have been carrying a wallet, he should have known how easily it could be mistaken for a gun!!!
Once again- kindly research Mumia's life (use your friends the pigs' websites as well if you want) and show me ONE instance in which he was "trying to act like a gangster".
Again- kindly express your opinion on the 1985 MOVE bombing. Did they deserve it? After all, they did have guns- a couple of old shotguns and rifles versus a panoply of automatic weapons and c4 incendiary explosive which is not even supposed to be used by any police department, only the military.
By the way what do you think of Assata Shakur? Someone else who was "asking for it" no doubt.

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You are quite a bit like a cop.

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