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Two Brothers on The Bus

I remember back in 98/99 or 2000 . riding the bus after workin at a spot called labor ready, one of those "work today" paid today type jobs. shoveling rocks on top of a a ten story warehouse.
once on the bus, all i was trying to do was get some sleep before i made it home, 6hrs before i went to my next job. for the first 10-15 mins riding the bus through the hood-couldny get no sleep cause of all the noise-loud kids, and a bus full of cranky folks complaining about dealing with the same kind of job drama that i experienced that day.
i look up at a stop and i see this light skin dread, that greets me with something like peace, Rastafari-or something of the sort. at first glance-you can tell this brother is obviously of "bi-racial" heritage-but one of the first things out his mouth after greeting me was news about my people in Phili, MOVE, and Mumia-askin me questions about who is who in columbus-what organizations and such are in the area that empower Rasta idren and black people in general. me an the idren reason for about the next 5-10 minutes until i get off the bus. idren tells i about how he is trying to write a bokk and get into grad school and so on-and i thinkin to myself, this idren has strong vibes-and the idren in a real humble way, helped uplift I and refocused on that day---while i was thinkin about that dam job and all my troubles the bredrin reminded me that ini have to stay focus and continue to stay strong in the midst of the struggle. sometimes a hard day can make one lose focus for a minute. im glad i didnt judge that idren by the way he look-cause he still my bredrin to this day. that was the first time i met brother garreth aka gman.
i give thanks for that day.

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Two Brothers on The Bus
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