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Re: Two Brothers on The Bus
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LOL yeah I remember that bro. Yeah that was right when I first got to C-Bus. I didn't know anyone there except Jen (my girl at the time) when I first reached there and I remember thinking "this seems like a cold, flat, lonely kinda place". It was good to meet positive idrens like yourself. Hope all is going well, maybe I'll see the I on some future visit there, or hopefully when you reach Namibia... cos I rather visit Namibia than Columbus Ohio eh...
Two things for the record: (1) I have no objection to my name and identity being "revealed" as it were; and (2) I have never felt that Ayinde et al were "discriminating" against me or whatever, for being light skinned and mixed or anything like that. The only person I ever felt like that about here was Bantu Kelani back in the days, but we reasoned that out and I cool with Sis. Bantu Kelani nowadays.
Just to make that clear. Anyway nice to know I had a positive impact on someone's life without even really intending to.
On this board, I have met rasi and burridge in the flesh, and have reasoned with Fyahman over the phone, hopefully with time IanI on here will get to know more of the other posters than a username in cyberspace.
Selassielive, my brother recently moved to the DC area with his wife. If I get to go visit him at some point, maybe we could link up then.
Bless up everyone....

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Two Brothers on The Bus
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Re: Two Brothers on The Bus
Re: Two Brothers on The Bus
Re: Two Brothers on The Bus
Re: Two Brothers on The Bus

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