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In search of balance

Reparations should involve a healing of the African psyche. Black people must seek to restore a holistic balance that was at the core of their primordial greatness. Once the African collective mind is fully "repaired" and in sync with it's ancestral legacy, mother earth and her corresponding inhabitants shall also benefit.

An excerpt is forwarded to highlight a seemingly unrelated issue in the struggle for reparations:

"Menstruation is not normal"

By Dr.Imhotep Llaila Afrika

"Menstruation is not a normal health state. Menstruation is hemorrhaging. Hemorrhaging is a flow of fresh blood. Hemorrhaging whether it occurs in the brain, eyes, lungs or uterus, is not normal. Subsequently, menstruation is an abnormal condition. There are many views on the causes of menstruation. However, they are ill-rounded and totally wrong. Black African females on a wholistic diet of natual foods do no menstruate.

Anthropological studies on African women have verified that Wholistic women do not menstruate (see cultural clowns, Black folks and sex)

Wholistic women follow natural breeding cycles. These natural breeding (mating) cycles have strict laws. Similarly, a woman must never have sexual intercourse while pregnant or while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding traditionallly lasted from three to five years. Intercourse while pregnant causes the body to alter its hormone level and also causes the body to produce a different quality of cells in the baby's body. Consequently, sexual intercourse while a woman is pregnant or breeding decreases the quality of the life of the unborn child. Excessive sexual intercourse and out-of-cycle sexual intercourse causes the woman to menstruate. Moreover, sexual intercourse at nights is abnormal and out-of-cycle. Additionallly, lustful or excessive sexual stimulation causes the woman's and man's hormones and nutritional levels to decrease. This also contributes to the causes of menstruation (hemorrhaging) and a multitude of health problems in children.

The vaginal fluid discharge of the female causes menstruation. Vaginal discharge is very high in hormones, vitamins and minerals. In fact, it is highly concentraded mixture equal to the nutritional concentration of semen. The nutrition that is lost due to this milky discharge causes the endometrium (uterus skin) tissue to lose its vitality and deteriorate. This cellular deterioration is known as hemorrhaging and is commonly called menstruation. Again, wholistic women on natural foods diet do not menstruate.

Menstruation that occurs among women that are on a natural diet and are not wholistic in sexual practices always occurs on a solar (sun) period. Sometimes the solar period occurs every three years or more such as among Eskimos. Lunar (moon) periods are a new occurrence among females.

Lunar periods have been genetically transmitted (passed on from generation to generation). The lunar period was orginally caused by men sexually abusing women during lunar ceremonies and rituals. The moon was the focus for many rituals (social, scientific and religious) and these rituals usually involved sexual intercourse. These rituals eventually caused women to hemorrhage and to pass on this hemorrhaging trait to future females. Also, the men's fertility rituals involved groups of men raping women during lunar periods. This predisposition to lunar sexual abuse caused the genetic trait for hemorrhaging once a month to be passed on to women. Ironically, men directly or indirectly cause at least 50% of all cases of menstruation, miscarriage, and abortion. However, men hid their contribution to a woman's dis-eases by using sexism and chauvinism in science, religion and social structures. Poor sperm quality in men causes over 70% of all female miscarriages; or if a child is produced by poor quality sperm the offspring (child) is also of poor quality. Again, natural foods and wholistic habits were the foundation of African cultures, science, medicine, art, music and health. Unnatural male female behaviours have caused menstruation.

Menstruation is the loss of fresh blood, not dis-eased blood. It was (and is) commonly believed in religions that the woman is purging herself of sinful blood. however, this European Vodoo idea was promoted by the men who were priests and doctors of a particular religion. It is not a biological or anatomical fact that hemorrhaging is normal or that this blood is unneeded. sinful dis-eased blood.

Menstruation among female animals occurs whenever the female is enslaved. Female animals such as wild wolves, bears, gorillas, goats, pigs, kangaroos, monkeys, sheep and other female mammalians (animals that feed their babies milk) will menstruate when enslaved. Enslaved animals are those domesticated by man (pets) or otherwise placed in an artificial environment such as a zoo, circus, breeding farm, etc. Enslavement causes the behavior of the animal to alter (for example, Black African enslavement destroyed biological and social structures) according to the needs of the enslavers. This slavery violates wholistic natural living and mating cycles. Females put in a non-wholistic' socially restricted and controlled behavioral situation will menstruate, while so callled wild (free) female animals do not menstruate. Aside from this, diet contributes to female menstruation. For example, female and male gorillas given a so-called modern diet (junk food and animal flesh) will masturbate, menstruate, become violent and have excessive sexual intercourse.

Menstruation is not normal; however, menstruation is not necessarily caused by an abnormality in women alone; this unnatural condition is shared by men as well. Men ignore that the woman's brain (according to body weight) is larger than the man's brain. Besides this, the woman's brain is more convoluted and of a finer texture. This indicates higher evolution. Further, women have two"X" chromosomes. The "X" chromosomes carries the genetic immunity factors while the "Y" chromosome does not. Men have one "X" which makes them weaker. Also, women have a greater endurance capacity and fossil relics verify that women have had muscular develpment equal to men. Additionally, women have three lobes on their thyroid - this increases cell growth and rejuvenation ability for two generative (sex) centers in the brain- this increses intelligence states, and there are many more differences. The bias in religion, science, and social structures controlled by men reinforces the physiological ignorance and falsely states that men are superior.

Men use menstruation to control women. Menstruation women are in a weaker physical, spiritual and mental state and easier to dominate. In ancient wholistic African cultures, women who menstruated were isolated and given herbal medicinal care in order to correct the dis-eased state and the man that contributed to this unwholistic dis-ease was isolated and treated. Women were not isolated because they were sinful or evil, but because they were in a dis-eased state and needed the dis-ease to be wholistically corrected. The ancient Africans realized that menstruation is not normal and that it reflects a tribal or cultural disease.

Menstruation has many aspects that affect the totality of African peoples lifestyles. Menstruation by Black African women is a recent occurrence. No anthopological research, or research from medical science or veterinarian science can validate that hemorrhaging is normal for women.

Menstruation is often justified by lunar zodiacal reasons. However, the zodiac concepts have been altered by various cultures and sodiac signs have been taken out, and are contaminated with a multitude of sexual bias. In African cultures, zodiac science if applied to an individual was applied at conception. In other words, the zodiac sign starts at conception, not birth. Ironically, 90% of all wholistic African births occurred between May and June. Consequently, the other signs of the zodiac were never applied to Africans. Today the majority of births in countries such as those in France, Germany, Australia, Canada, America etc. still occur during May and June.This further validates that a natural mating cycle still exists among humans. Africans followed this mating cycle of every three years. Tribes and cultures which lost great numbers of people due to wars and dis-ease would increase sexual intercourse to regain a population. However, this procreation was a temporary mating practice and abnormal. Excessive sexual intercourse causes nocturnal emission, prostrate problems, impotency, and decreased thinking among men. Excessive sexual intercourse always causes menstruation among women. In fact, women prostitutes have longer bleeding (menstruation) due to excessive sexual practices. In any case, the children coneived during non-mating cycles have behavior states that reflect unwholistic African sexual activities. Hemorrhaging (bleeding) among Black African women represents a deterioration of the race and a form of genocide.

Fruitarian and vegetarian women, normally, do not menstruate. If they do menstruate it consists of one or two drops of blood (about the size of a pea) from the unfertilized egg. The lymph glands absorbs the non-fertilized egg atrophy (waste) and removes it out of the body. Thus, a blood flow (dead egg wate) is not present. Menstruation in African cultures must be treated as a cultural imbalance and a form of genocide and corrected wholistically."

From: "African holistic Health" Llaila O. Afrika

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our primordal greatness produced "white"ness. *NM*

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