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life as we know = unity of body + mind + spirit
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Hi Nubian,
"What most call reasoning is really chatting, few communicate (exchange meaning)"
that also very much applies to me. i must learn to listen.
"For my eyes/mind, one has to be able to see through the senses to reason. When the inner eye is open and the senses are awakened then seeing gives rise to reason and reason allows us to exchange meaning in diverse ways."
i wonder what 'reason' here means. Though i tend to agree to your words, still i am sceptical as to what reason, in the sense of what can be put into words, can ultimately explain. i tend to the view that words are a practical tool for everyday means, and so is the faculty of thinking, but that they necessarily fail to express any ultimate truth.
This i understand clear: "What is god is simple, yet as complex as asking who am I."
"If you loose both feet, hands, eyes, ears and you are still alive, then who are you? Are you not more than the parts of your body and your senses?"
Of course we are. i do believe that looking at life in terms of seperate entities of matter and mind and spirit is merely hypothetical, something which can be done with words, but not in reality. If there is no body, it's no life, when there is no mind, there is no life, when there is no spirit, there is no life as we experience it. For me once more a sign that words, theories, reasoning by defining and thus separating can give us clues to parts only, but that they would be misunderstood, if thought or expected to give us the whole picture.
"If so,what sees and what lives? In my reasoning, these parts are just the tools for bring this universal essence into full consciousness."
The unity of body, mind and spirit is the tool and the essence.
"But how? That is where more reasoning opens doors..."
Hm...just as i've said, i might not well understand you there, we might have a different concept of what is reason, or we simply 'see' differently. I kinda feel that the doors 'reasoning' may open, just lead us to more closed doors, and that there is no end. - Which actually is nice, well, that's life.
Besides i feel there is the experience of unity in which there is no space or time where any reason could establish itself.
much respect ( or should i say RAspek in a first clumsy try to copy Rasta language..)

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life as we know = unity of body + mind + spirit

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