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Re: religion is perceiving
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You taking this higher :)

What most call reasoning is really chatting, few communicate (exchange meaning).
For my eyes/mind, one has to be able to see through the senses to reason. When the inner eye is open and the senses are awakened then seeing gives rise to reason and reason allows us to exchange meaning in diverse ways.
What is god is simple, yet as complex as asking who am I.
If you loose both feet, hands, eyes, ears and you are still alive, then who are you? Are you not more than the parts of your body and your senses? If so, what sees and what lives? In my reasoning, these parts are just the tools for bring this universal essence into full consciousness.
But how? That is where more reasoning opens doors...

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Yeah man, ya got it *NM*
Re: religion is perceiving
life as we know = unity of body + mind + spirit

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