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religion is perceiving
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i thought that you might like that comment, specially after i had read you uncovering God as potential slave master in some minds.
i also specially like this post of you:
"I describe seeing different from looking. Try and see what I am saying. Seeing with your senses is different to looking with one set of physical eyes-sense and all seeing can be described. In that case I see details without looking. I see the reality of life through taste touch smell feeling and perceiving and if one sense cannot the others shows the truth.
By what I explain as seeing I see the wind."
'Looking' there to me exists in the same realm as reasoning. Words, theories, reasoning cannot explain what is God, enlightenment, 'I', but that we can 'see' very much the same way you explained. Poor we if any theory could explain the last truth, for i feel that this would be the end of life. Not having the answer is what gives sense. 'Seeing' that gives joy.

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"Historic" Christianity and Eurocentric Nationalis
what's religion?
Re: what's religion?
religion is perceiving
Yeah man, ya got it *NM*
Re: religion is perceiving
life as we know = unity of body + mind + spirit

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