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Re: Labeling Rastas??? Nonsense.

Beautiful thoughts both. I hope InI didn't get the wrong idea from my post though... InI intention was NOT to label Rastas, but rather to show how stupid it is to try to do so. InI are all so different in beliefs. I only post because InI seen so much arguement (not reasoning, but arguement) in some of these posts, especially the more emotional ones like White Rasta, Different Types of Rasta, etc. InI agree with you Kelly "I following me own heart/mind with reasoning and long study." and you also Heather "However, myself I like to stay out of that box as much as possible, and even more so I am careful of others trying to put me in one."

Still InI seek answers? Are InI Rastas if no cover your head or wear "man" pants rather than "traditional" clothes? InI have had brothers tell me InI not rasta cuz I too white, have no dreads, and don't smoke weed no more! I tell them Jah have no color, no hairstyle, and don't need no weed! It's in InI heart, but the strict traditionalists still downpress I. InI have talked to some Rastas who seem to think white man trying to "take" their religion. NOT TRUE! InI only want to learn and take the good reasonings from Rastamen/women and live InI life accordingly.

All respest to all Rastas. All praise to Jah, All Love From Jah. Peace & Love, there's enuf hate in the world. RasCaptJim

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