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Re: Labeling Rastas??? Nonsense.
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I think it's possible to label Rasta or anyone/thing for that matter when it comes to culture. Culture is an identity (and more) so labelling in certain respects isn't nonsense and to insult someones identity by spreading it too thin is wrong. However, myself I like to stay out of that box as much as possible, and even more so I am careful of others trying to put me in one.

Rasta is a divine intermingling of REALITY and CULTURE.

It's local and global. It's heavenly and earthly. It's not yet perfect but very close if you ask me.

Rasta is more a culture

and Righteousness is more a reality

Rasta can and will allways be labeled

but yow can't label Righteousness (truth, etc.)

This is not to say culture is wrong and this is not to say righteousness cannot exist simultaneously with culture and various crucial and just movements but here is something I recently wrote to just let you briefly know where I stand and die with many things:

2 Worlds:

There are two worlds
within this world

Many nations
within this NATION

Many peoples
just one JAH

Many poliTICKal roads
just ONE WAY

So here I just stay with you
leaving selective indignation to the dogs

let them bite cuss and chew
until the earth thaws

Their everywhere black red white and blue capitolIZM communIZM SocialIZM too

so just let me give my heart to you
so just let me give my heart to you

Children are hitting the HEIGHTS
Children are hitting the HEIGHTS

Haile Selassie is RIGHT

With all their wisdom
with all their RIGHTEOUS MIGHT

hit it high and touch the sky; no more cry

no more cry

Let's speak eachothers languages
let's learn and try; no more cry

Let's truly get holy and kick satan in the butt because he's trying his hardest to pull us in the rut

I got a plan
but don't got the land -
(yet it's right under I&I feet)

How we gonna reach I&I destination?
Revolution righteous self-determination?

I can't say that I don't know because I think I very well do

do you?
Good meditations you have shared.
Love, Heather

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