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Re: Black/White Raging Issues Urgent ?'s

Greetings, thanks for the reply. I think this black/white issue rages on and on because it is a serious serious problem that needs to be worked through. It will continue to rage on and on till we somehow figure this out.

I admit that around a month ago, I didn't see it as seriously as I should have. And I give thanks for being put in my place in many respects --- to me the black/white rasta problem didn't exist except only in those minds that were negative and wanted to be rasict or cause problems.

But I feel I was right and wrong. Makeda is writing a wonderful book addressing these things, and much respect to her for doing so and everything else she does....... but at the same time in all kindness she thought the thread would and/or should just stop after the testimonies were given. But it has a life of it's own and the seriousness and depth of this problem is growing very apparent.

I the Rasta Smurf (who is blue in the face)have been deeply thinking how just my presense could accidentally interfere in a crucial movement for black people regaining all that was stolen from them.

On the other hand, I thought this was a worldwide message board........ and in accordance with His Majesty's teachings.

If this board were titled something to the effect of: BOARD FOR BLACKS WORLDWIDE or BOARD FOR BLACKS IN DIASPORA (you get what i mean)then I would never have entered and never would've felt any type of vexation whatsoever. It's understandable.

But what I stumbled into was something else entirely.......... a GRAND mixture of many things. This can be great and this can also be bad I guess. Depending on... just depending on.

For serious traditionalists, black nationalists, etc.......... it's not so good for this blue smurf to be mingling here maybe??? Even if we could mutually learn from eachother and share with eachother the time is not yet ripe in many respects. It's very understandable. Frustrating at times, and confusing but very understandable. It is a good though, that white people do learn where their going wrong and awaken to things they have not been exposed to in order TO CHANGE. And for this to happen, we GOT to INTERACT somehow, place, way or another. It would be great if it could be done in kindness without any cultural robbery.

Realistically, there are of all races...... and even rastas.... people who just plain are multicultural global beings and love it and do much good with it. Then of course their are the howling wolves stampeding the earth and many peoples....... we KNOW the story now hopefully. (at least those here). So i guess multicultural traditionlist/progessive followers of His Majesty in the name of RASTAFARI should stick together in one 'place' and those who aren't should stick together in another 'place' yet RESPECTING eachother in our words and actions... in order to avoid conflict or any type of cultural or movement robbery.

Each should try not to step on the other - but at least come to some type of understanding. This 'separation' would not be a black/white separation though..... it would honestly be a multicolored 'separation' due to the fact, once again that there are black people who enjoy socializing and learning from other cultures and can retain there 'blackness' while doing so. Kind of like Selassie and his teachments.

That doesn't mean the fist won't come down in the face of injustice.

Well as for labels go...... for those who feel that a Rasta in essence is someone functioning at the heighest heights in respect to wisdom, following His Majesty, spirituality/rightousness, human rights, etc........ manifesting paradise on earth and agrees with black consciousness BUT doesn't fall into alot of the other cultural categories ------ maybe they should have a new name? or no name? In order to prevent accidentally thievery or misconceptions or de-rastafication or de-africanization and the like.

What would be nice is a central organ set up like the United Nations with various Rasta Representatives who are involved with all movements, yet have different focuses.

Yet, wouldn't that be dangerously DOGmatic? And isn't JAH truly the central organ of RASTAFARI?!? It certainly has a life of *it's* own - doesn't it.

But I can't tell a lie - I like the idea of the Rasta United Nations........ and I think His Majesty would too. Do you think so?

I think it would be very effective in so many ways. So helpful to this earth and especially African consciousness and movements. I'm sure their, in fact, I know, there are black people who would agree with that idea and work towards it.

Would this help or hinder the essential Rastafari movement and collective existence. And sweet heck, I just gotta know...... what EXACTLY does the RASTAFARI COLLECTIVE include?????????

Who can/should truly answer THIS QUESTION? Black Rasta Leaders and following would be my guess ---- to the best of my ability.

But there are black rastas differing soooooo much too.

But Black Rasta Elders and Leaders should answer. Any here?


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Re: Black/White Raging Issues Urgent ?'s

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