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Re: Divide & Rule
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Give thanks for your posts.

InI agree completely with what you say. I believe wholeheartedly that I must use this 'advantage' I have down here in this babylon to help manifest the vision JAH give I of New Heaven and New Earth.

I think the operative word in HIM war speech is "Until". Just as the I say, we are not there yet, but in this period of of struggle within the duality. I think just as you say in your post that each one has their place and their work. For Rasta, One Love is a given.

You can see from some response you have received how painful it is for some to get on the truth and reconciliation tip. It's hard to look at this history. It hurts. The way I see it it is our cross to bear, and a small one, all oppression considered. What keeps me posting is when I hear other whites here say 'you're trying to guilt us. We weren't there. It hurts us as much as it does you.' This is completely beside the point. Rasta must deal with the reality in front of us. It's not as if we're talking about some forgotten past:in the US overt genocide has given way to total systemic racism. Hey they can kill you with a smile. Now that's progress.

I do not feel guilt, but always responsibility and yes, obligation. For Rasta to deny that this is a movement originated by and for black people, and that white people who embrace it should be set to reason with themselves and others long and hard is again to deny reality. I
think all Rasta should be watchful for cultural banditry which some practice unconsciously, and thank all defenders of Rastafari Way.

I am a Rasta without apology, and I don't get the hit that black Idrens are asking for one.
Acknowledgement, yes.
Love to all.

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