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Divide & Rule

Isis I,

Selassie I know, I&I just kill a camel. Division of I&I Rastafari. A nation divided before it became a reality. From Icient times until this Iwa, divide and rule... It has come to pass even in this time, even now, even though their intention is good, the results are disastrous. As I&I confirmed in I&I first reasoning; they should clean up their own house first, instead them come ina Rasta house and mess it up too. Not accusation just observation and realization. Minds bend, reality confused for partiality. Overstanding turn into ignorance. Black, brown, white sitting around one table complaining about the injustice in this world while injustice is continuing all around. Them and those who have the possibility of doing something about it prefer to sit on that table complaining instead of stepping up and actually using their advantage to change things. Privileged over there, crying over here. Licking out against them and those who question them. What does I&I as black people gain with that? No race is superior over the other. Some are privileged in this time because of injustice from that time till this Iwa.

Until the color of a man skin......until that day, the African continent will not know peace, we Africans will fight if it’s necessary.... I&I bredren & sistren, as far as I&I see in this dispensation of time the color of a man skin is very much of significance, if it was not there would be no racism and reparations would have come through since such time.

Also remember that Rasta is larger then this board, larger then the Internet and I&I reasoning might be a call from some of them and those who do not wish to seek out computer to communicate. At the time I&I&I&I were reasoning about these things there was no computer, no Internet, no telephone, few TV. The world develops, as it should, for no man can stop the time. I&I learn everyday, for there are many wonderful things to know and places to see. So if the Idren upon this board wish to exclude any Rasta who has a different view from the majority on this board they should do so, for I&I don’t seek the judgment nor the approval of man. Jah is Judge.

The youth that calls himself “InI” have the most solid reasoning, so far. I&I did have to Iditate upon that for a good while; -“...is because of HIM, “InI” decide to become lawyer”-. Good. The I will succeed.

The one that is being called “the silly white girl” is actually acting very silly for I&I don’t remember preaching hate, just love....and reality. How this person run off upon those tracks I&I cyan overstand.

No one needs to be kicked to the back of no bus; at the same time I&I must prevent finding I&I self upon back bench again. Some will fight against you openly... while some will eat and drink with you...Some have good intentions, some not.

The example given about this lady of mixed blood (half people don’t exist....not alive anyhow) is a repetition of what I&I said about people of mixed blood. How “white” was this lady considered to be by those Aryans?

Heather you remind I&I of those peoples who first came to Egypt to trade with the Ifreecan nation, a couple of centuries later the Ifreecans had to move below the first cataract, then below the second cataract. The empire of Mali was destroyed by the same type of people who claimed our suspicion was unfounded and so gained our trust, then also destroyed the empire of Ghana, Ashanti, Kuba, many, too numerous to mention.

Also yu seem to have a problem with I&I wish to finally have I&I people teaching, learning and developing their minds within each other for a change, for this has not come to pass as yet. Up to know I&I still get the same Iropean teachings, adjusted I agree, from that time. Is it too much to ask to have I&I people teach one another about that which I&I as a Ifreecan nation share from that time until now? Why should those teachings be hateful, you certainly seem to underestimate our inteligence of not making the same mistake many of your forefathers made, by doing so you are insulting.
You are using words like evil and devils in your tirade towards I&I and those bredren who dared to agree to certain reasonings you feel offended to. A who you? Fear Jah.

Sistah, don’t tell I&I not to be suspicious about the reasons for your seeking out Rastafari, for by telling I&I that, I&I will certainly become suspicious. Instead you should listen and at least try to overstand certain reasonings without jumping your horses right away. Critical reasoning is not hate, it is a way to reach greater overstanding.

One youth tell I&I about people with fair skin; if white or light colored is fair to the I, then black is what: unfair? Watch the reasonings. Also the I tell I&I about I&I talk black but ......and then something unintelligibly, what’s that? If it is meant to be a profanity, why?

One more reasoning; if Iropeans, Native Americans, Indians, Chinese and all the rest of the human population upon this planet repatriate to Ifreeca, I&I would have to build skyscrapers from Cairo to Capetown. Every fig have it’s own fig tree, together these trees form a lovely and cool garden, which is the fullness of Jah plan. Love each other; be proud of what you are and know your place in the scheme of things.

Isis Itinually to the Most High from Creation. May the Almighty Jah Rastafari, Emperor Haile Selassie I, in this dispensation of time, guide and protect them and those that seek HIM heartically; heart, mind and soul. Love to all the nations. Remember Abraham and Isaac; the Fear of Jah and the Love of Jah.
Just Love, Perfect Love, One Love
Ras Qabbalah

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