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give thanks,
well ini is jus a yout, u know, ignored many times. I don't mean to tell a idren how fi reason or live dem life an such...I'm jus a yout u know.

ini i sight a conflict in which some i's a tell a next to go away or leave the message board, because dem a talk something that is untruth an so-forth. Well if what I am saying is true and someone else a talk bull sh... me nago run him/she away...because ini know that a person being absent of the truth is in danger, and it wouldn't be love to have the truth and don't do what is possible to present the truth to them to understand and be safe.

ini nah tek side, because Jah seh have no other before me, so there is no choice nor side to take.

yes we know that we can't make anyone believe or do anything, but it is either i say nothing/listen or reason some more, instead of running someone away knowing that they are in danger according to my truth. that couldn't be loving my neighbour as how ini love myself.

when u have the truth that a person rejects, you will feel sorry for them instead of being angry at them. Because u know dem nuh free like how they can be. Yes and I assume we all know what its like live without the truth...like hell. Ini nah send anyone go a hell. only evil do that.

Through my experience ive been prosecuted, ridicule by people. Yet because of LOVE, me and them same people a live like brothers. Jus remember where we all come from, yaaah...

"get to the pynt, u can dis di Rasta mon annoint,
...hey, hey, hey Sizzla Kalonji seh,

yes love one another regardless of belief.
reason it out, Lords and Empresses, don't ramp wid life...


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