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give thanks, yeah, yeah, uknow

...truth is something that makes u sure of yourself. it makes u feel good, comferts, and guides you.

...a lie makes u feel uncomfatable. Your not sure of yourself in a good way.

now tell me who is the person that will believe in the truth. someone who wants to feel good, comforted and guided.
now tell me who is the person that will believe in a lie...it wouldn't even makes sense for that person to even want.

u cannot feel good when you are hated. especially when u have a mouth to speak and someone don't like what u speak...u cannot feel complete as a being with a mouth. many try to conteract this feeling by saying those who hate me will recieve judgement. But it is not so because if JAH create evryone, who can end-up hating HIM, unless JAH create someone to end-up hating HIM. yet the Will of JAH is for evryone to love HIM not to hate HIM. and if u is one to represent HIM then u will have a mind equal as HIM in love towards we neighbour.

When u truly know yourself wich is to know the truth u can convert anyone u want too. but its not actually conversion but it is where there are going to end up anyways. equality is power that is reigning now and forevermore(please look into that).

One time me buk up a Muslim and mi an him a reason and it took me four sentences fi mek him confess and seh "I'm not a true Muslim". I find that people who disagree wid i don't understand what I'm saying in the first place, which gives ini the opportunity to learn how to speak and convey my message more better.

JAH send these ones whom u say a distract or disturb for people to learn; not about this and that, but about ourselves and how to act and speak, amongs we neighbours.

alright i take it that one person is saying Selassie I is this and some one else is saying He is not, it is Jesus. This is not the first time for this argument. WHen ini did a seek I was confused because there was jus so many different roads. Even when i chose one i still didn't feel complete because i thought to my self, i see the truth how come this person who sees what i see don't agree. then a little doubt deep inside sez probably u chose the wrong thing...then i get fustrated and then rebel with anger. from this experience within ini, life taught i what realy is going on in these arguments.

Spirit of fear. if u believe that u have a choice, u believe that u could be wrong. if u believe u could be wrong u believe that there is wrong. it is very contradictory when the previous chapter in Genesis repetedly states "and God saw that it was good". SO JAH create evrything and saw that it is good why should ini believe that there is something wrong...that I can be wrong, that ini hafi choose, and disrespect JAH again by have others before HIM.

Same time someone post something about spiruality and religion...so ini see it clear that some people have a spirit of fear to express a religion that brings segregation. and if u are right and say someone else is wrong, then u have another before JAH...yet the Tree of life has no other before HIM.

stuborness cannot endure as long as love...

please anyone feel free to respond, because a nuh me one Jah send fi bun out negativity.


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