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I am a Woman
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To Ras Lion- I am a Woman. I have first hand experience of giving birth in both the hospital and at home. I am also in preparation of giving birth at home again. I do think that technology is wonderful in certain circumstances, however most of the births that take place in the hospital setting are not to make it easier for the woman. In fact it makes it easier for the doctors. Sister Isisrastafari was right on point.

Really the birthing process in the hospital is all about numbers now. If I as a doctor could control how many babies are delivered on a particular day, then I could control my income. If I feel like a woman's contractions are not coming on fast enough then I, as the doctor, can aid in this process so I can move on to the next birth or even go home.

In my hospital, a natural birth costs only $700.00 to deliver and go home. A c-section costs $3000.00 plus a woman has to stay in there for a least a four days or so.

This is one issue that is very close to my heart. I feel that as Rasta people or those seeking and searching should overs the neccessity of reclaiming our first birth right. Which is to allow women to demand a safe and comfortable birth without all the unneccessary drug that are harmful to the mother and even more so to the baby. Thank you Isis for such an informative discussion on your profession. In the future I plan on continuing the tradition of Midwifery, once the little ones are grown. Peace.


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