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Blessed Love I's,
I am a wombman who has given birth three times, and I am a doula and studying to be a midwife. The statistics of C-sections are horrendous, many are unneeded,(I am for invasive treatment if it is deemed absolutely neccesary, and its still the mothers choice also). But I have seen too many times c-sections being performed for horrendous issues such as a doctor going on vacation and wanted to get it "over with", or the classical well you had a c-section with your last birth so automatically you need one again, or by exam months b4 birth is emminent doctors access that the wombman will need one because of size, InI bodies change once in birth. Birth in the last century has drastically changed to be such a sterile, surgical, experience. One of the most popular drugs given in chilbirth is pitocin, which in all reality works against the body in labor, there is natural herbs such as black cohosh, blue cohosh, ginger that are for the same purpose which is to promote contractions. They dont have the adverse side affects like pitocin, which is stopping the natural endorphins(morphine) and adrenline that are bodies produce massively in labor, endorphins & adrenline is essential in stamina and in sense of pain, so once pitocin is started InI bodies no longer produce the natural "pain killers". An Evil cycle cause then with no natural pain killers many wombmen turn to epidurals, and the side effects of epidurals are since the mother is numb from the waste down, and not able to feel the muscles essential to push, are forceps and vacuum extractions, what a way to come into the world, decrease in blood to the baby which then can lead to a c-section, then the after effects of healing for the mother such as with the bladder and such. Also with Epi's the risk for tearing is far greater. It has been said that endorphins have pain-relieving effects ten times more potent than morphine. The more "pain" a wombman experiences the more enordphins are released to help InI cope. The rising of these endorphins shift InI minset to InI brain stem, which is the foundation of the brain, InI intuition, InI bodily functions. So with the drugs InI bodies stop producing endorphins thus InI bodily functions essential for birth are sluggush. Which brings I to InI environment in birthing, getting to the basics of InI brain needs to be met with get back to the basics In InI environment, which is privacy, warmth, darkenss, water, freedom of movement, and positive support and faith in the normalcy of birth of those also attending. All of these are very hard to find in the hospital, also I forgot to mention above, with pitocin, epi's, c-sections the wombman is then almost automatically hooked up to an IV and constant fetal monitoring, which then impedes movement which is so necessary for promoting labor, with I last youth I was standing up and truelly gravity is a gift. As Ras Mandingo said birth is about all of pregnancy, it is essential for InI as wombman to do that work within ourselves b4 birth, becauses truelly our thoughts and idations about birth effect the outcome, if InI sight that birth is a natural Ilafull Gift in InI lives made to empower InI as Wombman, than that is what it will be. And also in IMHO in regards to the whole of pregnancy and labor,in hospitals fathers where excluded from the birth of the children up until the 70's, which I feel is absurd if the father was there at the begining of the act he should be there in the end, often times I have pondered if this was one more aspect that has led to the degradation of the family. It is also funny how the mindset of birth changed at the coming of big pharmacutical companies, the whole shift was to the hospital setting and shutting down those old school midwifes, whos whole life occupation was a midwife. Birth is a natural process that Innects InI as Wombman across all Iration, and to travel the journey and sight the Ites of it, helps restore the balance of Iration, Father Alpha, Mother Omega! JAH RASTAFARI LIGHT OF IRATION!
Jah Bless!

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