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David's covenant with JAH.....

...This is brief but basically the 144,000 are saved not only because they are correct but also because God made a covenat with David that his Kingdom will be an everlasting/ eternal one, meaning his family ain't ever leaving existence. Therefore Christ's family get a special bring-in. so to speak.

H.I.M. came thru Ethiopia and obviously he's come thru Bethlehem a couple of times (as David and as Jesus).

The original tribes of Israel is who the 144,000 are, it's genetics. People that have "converted" and call themselves Jews have not been worthy enough for H.I.M. to come thru so why should anyone think that they are the origins of the family or that they are even family? That makes no sense. You can learn to live as you should but that doesn't mean that your genetics have changed and that we are blood now.

Those people living in Israel today do not belong there and they will be kicked out between now and when the Glorious One returns, it's that simple. It's not about arguing about who's black anymore and who mixed in here and there. If Jesus was black it means his people are black. Every time he comes thru he's black so that means they are who matters primarily. His genetics are black.

"I am the root and offspring of David and the bright morning star." - Jesus Christ

^ that means he's the Father and also a son of the family called David. H.I.M. was a son of David and he is also David just as we call him Jesus Christ who was David first of all (The 8th son of Jesse). Micah 5:2 says that he's been here before many times, his goings back and forth have been since eternity.

All of this is in response to people that think they're the twelve tribes of Israel because they live in Israel and follow the laws of Moses, but even so they deny the Original family, the family of David, of which they are not a part of genetically. Last time it was Ethiopia (the East coast), this time he came thru a tribe from the West coast, meaning, that from East to West the family of David is there. There are plenty people from the family of David that are still pure if there's ever any question about that. The great multitude is the mixture of all the other races and peoples on Earth that will get it right one way or another.

Read it in Zecahriah chapter 14, when the KING gets back there ain't gonna be no more Canaanites sitting in my house. The lease is alomost up.

Peace & Love,


BLACK Friday. The day of Christ's death and also the day that all of man's sins were cleansed. [Matthew 27:45]

GLORIOUS Sunday. The day the King of Glory came up from death with the righteous of his time, the Saints; the first day of the resurrection, the "8th" day.

BLACK Friday>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>[8]>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLORIOUS Sunday

When everyone is resurrected after this long mess, and David is there won't he be King since God gave him the right to be King forever?

The answer is that he is that King that raises up people from the dead, David is the one begotten Son of the Most High, he is Jesus, he is H.I.M., he is the KING of Kings and the LORD of Lords.

8th September 1977 publishing

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