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Re: The Davidic Covenant
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Blessed Love,

David KING: "Root of David" = source of David;
"Offspring of David" = David's decendant

Selassie I is the Alpha and the Omega, hence the ancestral source of David and the descended offspring of David. I overstand what the I is trying to say, but no Son of God would send a man to his death so he could sleep with the man's wife. David was most certainly the greatest King of ANCIENT Israel, but there isn't much competition in that category, as almost every King allowed pagan belief into Israel. As for JEHOVAH, I thought you might like to know, from what I overstand, that the name "JEHOVAH" came from English translators who substituted the English "J" for the Hebrew "yode", or "Y" in English tongue". That would give you JHVH, with the "waw", or English "W" being mistaken as a "V". Now at least the KJV translators knew enough not to write the divine name, so they took the vowels from early spellings of ADONAI (give thanks), which means the LORD (hence the capitalized LORD you see in English translations), and I guess changed that up a bit to in order to come up with JEHOVAH, which in Hebrew means absolutely nothing. Does this really matter? Probably not, as "JAH" knows who you're talking to, as long as you don't go saying the divine name (to be mundanely referred to as Hashem, according to Talmudic reasoning) inappropriately. As far as the "JEHOVAH" derived "JAH", in newer, more correct translations of the Hebrew Tanakh (remember that the KJV wasn't translated from Hebrew, it was translated from the already mistranslated (Latin) Vulgate and (Greek) Septaugint) don't include the name "JAH" anywhere in Psalm 68, in which the correct translation is "extol him who rideth upon the heavens; his name is ADONAI".
I still refer to Hashem as JAH sometimes throughout the day in my thoughts or prayers, or when saying JAH Ras Tafari to refer to His Majesty's coming from Hashem. Like I said, JAH knows who you're referring to, as long as its in reverance, it should be all good- as long as you don't go around town saying the divine name, which, according to Leviticus, is worthy of STONING.

Give thanks.

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