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The Davidic Covenant

The Davidic Covenant upon which the glorious kingdom of Christ of the seed of David is to founded secures:

(1)A Davidic "house" ; i.e. posterity, family

(2)A "throne"; i.e. royal authority

(3)A "kingdom" i.e. sphere of rule

(4)In perpetuity; "for ever"

(5)And this fourfold covenant has but one condition : disobedience in the Davidic family is to visted with chastisement , but not the abrogation of the covenant (2 Samuel 7:15; Psalm 89:20-37; Isaiah 24:5, 54:3). The chastisement fell: first in the division of the kingdom under Rehoboam and finally in the captivities. That the covenant looks far beyond David and Solomon is sure from verse 27 of the 89th Psalm " Higher than the kings of the earth can only refer to Immanuel. I an I Rasta say H.I.M. Hayl Selasse I is the fulfillment of this covenant. The Ethiopian Monarchy still exist. That is why babylon both ecclesiastical which is apostate Chritendom headed by the Papacy and political babylon which is the beast's confederated empire Gentile world dominion ( The Roman Empire which still exist) supress information on His Majesty and the truth of Christ, they know that He is the fulfillment of their sudden destruction and irremediable blow not by gradual conversion and assimilation. Be still and know. Selam ena Feker.

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