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Re: Forgiveness?
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Respek Ayinde,

I agree with the logic of what ur saying...now applying this to real life, we can see that only a life without death can forgive or be justified. Be it that from birth the body is certain of death, a loss of possesions...For the significance of forgiveing and the principal of justice depends on the fullfillment an satisfactory of ones life. Since death is a certain loss of the things used to judge our fullfillment, a destination of certain equality is reckoned. However it is not at the event but at the understanding of this that one is able to forgive. Be it that not even death hinders ones path to satisfactory.

The damage is already been done...thus compensation is not something saught out for but becomes compulsory for the tireless spirit...that will not rest untill all are free...dead or alive.

and from the things that are certain, so is forgiveness and so is justice...

Also, a person will not punch u if they know punching u cannot hurt u...and if u confess of no hurt, this initself is a torment to one who wants to hurt u...for that persons sees theirself powerless...this is a demonstration of not only life, but the power of it...that one will not live by what goes against them but what they will to achieve in life...a satisfactory...

this inturn will not shut the mouths of those who will point out the wrong, for we will not be afraid of the aggressor...



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