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From the Liberation Feelings CD, Ras Marcus & The Sistas "Paying respect to our great Ancestors".

The Passing of Bongo Rocky and Other Great Elders
By Ras Marcus - September 20, 2010
This message is to bring to the attention of Rastafari people, and the entire African world, the recent passing of Bongo Rocky and other Senior Elders, like Bongo Pooru, Bongo Wato, Ras Derminite, Ras Pidow, Ras Historian, Ras Iyapert, Bongo Smithy, Bongo Iyarny, Ras Bigger and so many others, too many to be listed here.

Rastafari People Remain African Liberators
By Ras Marcus - July 09, 2010
It is very important for Rastafari People and African people in general, to acknowledge the fact, that when fruits are matured and ripe on the trees, they will no longer stay on the trees, but they will instead fall to the ground and remain there, unless some persons or other living creatures, take up those fruits and make use of them by eating them, if those fruits are eatable.

Ras Marcus Speaks on the Rasta Movement
Ras Tyehimba interviews Ras Marcus
Ras MarcusRas Marcus is a Jamaican-born, respected and outspoken Rasta elder of the Rasta Movement. He grew up with Emmanuel Charles Edward (Prince Emmanuel), founder of the Bobo Shanti sub-section of Rastafari which emerged in the 1950s, and Dr. Vernon Carrington (Prophet Gad), founder of the Twelve Tribes of Israel Rastafari Movement which emerged in 1968. Ras Marcus has made a tremendous contribution to the Rasta Movement over the years and still continues to do so as an elder. His internet writings on the movement have exposed readers to perspectives and first hand experiences that encourage a deeper understanding of the Rasta movement and its African essence. He is also well-known for his contributions to the Rastafari Elders and Liberation Feelings CDs which are classic compilations that mix chants, Nyabinghi drumming and reasonings on the Rasta Movement.
On Thursday 31st May, 2007, Ras Tyehimba, on behalf of RastafariSpeaks.com, interviewed Ras Marcus who shared his perspective and experiences about the origins and evolution of the Rasta Movement.
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Africa for Africans at Home and Abroad Chapters:
  1. Early Experiences
  2. Christianity and the Bible
  3. Rasta and Resistance
  4. The Evolution of the Movement
  5. African Liberation
  6. Elders and Reasoning
  7. The Long Road to Africa

Rastafari and Religion By Baba Ras Macus Rastafari and Religion
By Baba Ras Marcus

Be at peace with the Creator who ever you conceive him to be, for the Creator is in Ethiopia, but he is also in every single part of the earth, sea, and sky at the same time, he is in humanity and also in all living creatures at the same time, the Creator is everywhere, and there are no limits that can be placed on him or her geographically speaking.
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I send many oceans of blessings and self-determination
to African people everywhere

Baba Ras Marcus

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