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Re: Food 4 Thought (Interesting indeed)

Greetings Isciple

Firstly, i recieved this from my shiekess through email (shiekess...u read it right) and decided to share it. My intention(s) for posting this, was not to bring back the other discussions we had on the topic, but just to show that Allah wasnt made up by the 'pale-skin arabs' (eventho their agenda is transparent most of the time).

My take you ask isciple? well, i look @ it like this, and i will keep on saying it; there is really only ONE divine creed from such a time, and people took it and did what they WANTED with it. Tho our people consisted of different 'tribes', we are the original man, and in our DNA and language is to be found the beautiful names of the supreme being. Now, WOLOF is BEFORE arabic and is ancient, and most of the times we think that new-comers bring languages that are alien to us, when that is not the case, as all are derived from singular sources (im no linguisist tho ha).

Brother, i call the 'first religious creed' islamism (others have a different name), which definitely came from the root of civilization. When ones ask "how is islam old when mohammed came in the 7th century?", its just a blessing to know the truth of the matter. Our divine creed and principles are ancient, and does come from those who wanted to follow in the FOOTSTEPS of the supreme being and not those who went astray. Peace & Love

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Food 4 Thought (Interesting indeed) *LINK*
Re: Food 4 Thought (Interesting indeed)
Re: Food 4 Thought (Interesting indeed)
Re: Food 4 Thought (Interesting indeed)
Re: Food 4 Thought (Interesting indeed)
Re: Food 4 Thought (Interesting indeed)

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