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Some Upful News...... *LINK*


I thought I would send some Upful news that can be celebrated. (I feel this is necessary to highlight alongside the regular issues to be debated.)

The below text is from an email I received today.

Rastafari Love One and All.

Ras Shawn Naphtali


From: Excellence in Education (EIE)


I will be failing in my duty if I do not celebrate the achievement of the BLACK twins who have just set three new world records. They are also the world's youngest mathematicians. It was headline news in SKY News. It was featured in last Thursday's Daily Mail of 15th Jan, page 10; They have also been featured in the USA Today Newspaper, BBC, and other world media. Please see some links to the various story below.

The Imafidon twins, Peter and Paula Imafidon dominated the news because they have just set THREE world records!. They passed their GCSE at 6, and A-level papers at the age of 7! Oprah Winfrey has invited them. I know it might be late, but it will be very sad if we do not celebrate them in the London particularly as they are from Waltham Forest. I wish to nominate them or their Father, Chris Imafidon. Chris Imafidon raised ALL five children in inner city, state schools yet all of them have broken various records.

See the following press cuttings:

Guinness Book of Records - World records


Daily Mail:

USA Today:





EVIDENCE OF PARENTAL SUCCESS - Therefore nominate Chris Imafidon

The Imafidons are the finest in academe in a lifetime. I have been a teacher, lecturer and educationist for over 25 years on both sides of the Atlantic, in Europe, and Australia but I am yet to see such a rare concentration of sheer genius in one family yet they are very modest about their superior ability and achievement. I never knew I will live to see a 14-year admitted to study for a Masters degree in Mathematics of all subjects at leading universities. Yet Anne-Marie spoke 6 languages at the age of 10. She plays Netball for her College at the University and was sports captain for her school and plays in the junior musical band.

Then in the same family, Christiana was only 11-year when she was awarded a government scholarship to study at undergraduate level, after passing GCSE at 9, some other tough exams. She was offered a scholarship by an Oxford private college at 9. She represented her school in Hockey, Basketball and Netball and played Soccer in the junior team of a premiership club.

Then in the same family Samantha became the youngest girl ever in the history to pass Advanced Mathematics paper of the University of Cambridge. This was after being described by the Telegraph as the record holder for the youngest student ever admitted into a secondary school in British educational history. Professor Robert Hunt, Deputy Director of the University of Cambridge's Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences described Samantha's achievement as "fantastic at nine" She is the fastest athlete in her school and county and a member of their relay team.

Then this summer, the twins Peter and Paula beat ALL known records including Guinness book of records to be the youngest ever to pass A-level mathematics examination paper at 7. ITN news referred to them as masters of calculus at the tender age of 7. All of these took place while these kids were attending ordinary state schools in inner city, east London.

I known if it was another country, this family would have been idolized for ever, but here they have the wrong colour for such honour, respect, or recognition.

In fact I read with mixed feelings about your recent publication of the list of speakers for this year's London conference. There is clearly one missing entry - Chris Imafidon, the most successful parent of all time! I know he is very humble and modest about his own contributions but his kids have over achieved, and their story is the most inspirational I have ever heard. We in the black community really need to hear some tips from him. Kindly invite him to speak, or give a seminar, even if it means being a replacement speaker, or a late seminar

Honesty, I never imagined that one day, there will be a black family with such intellectual fire power. All men need to drink whatever flavour of drink that the Imafidons drink.

Thanks for all your sacrificial investment in our children.

Chris Wilson

Director, Excellence in Education Programme.

Raising standards, Improving personal achievements

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